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-  i shared my phrase for the year: little by little.
-  this was my fourth month of pregnancy.
-  i started feeling jackson kick this month!

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-  husband + i celebrated valentine's day with a fun roadtrip to OKC.
-  this was my fifth month of pregnancy + it's a BOY!
-  we made the best purchase of our marriage: a king-sized bed. PRAISE.

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-  jared + i celebrated our two year anniversary.
-  this was my sixth month of pregnancy.
-  welcomed the coming of spring with open arms + lots of photos.
-  jared started on second shift this month. while it has its challenges, we've learned to make the best of it.

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-  i had my first baby shower this month. such a sweet day!
-  this was my seventh month of pregnancy.
-  hubs + i watched beauty and the beast in the new warren theater out east.
-  the invasion of egrets started this month. this was one of the craziest parts of our year!

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-  my mama threw me a baby shower in oklahoma. i loved getting to see all my okies.
-  this was my eighth month of pregnancy.
-  we took our last camping trip of the season.
-  i had so much cake this month, and i consider that awesome.
-  we toured the hospital where i'd give birth. it was so surreal.

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-  we enjoyed one of our last weekends as just the two of us.
-  this was my last month of pregnancy!
-  we welcomed our son, jackson timothy.

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-  this was one of the hardest months of my entire life. but it was beautiful in its own way.
-  we started the process of buying a new house. with a newborn. yep, we're CRAZY.
-  we moved into my sister-in-law's house so jared could do some house improvements for the buyers.
-  i started working from home this month.
jackson turned one month old!

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-  we moved into our new home! what a whirlwind summer, but definitely a memorable one.
-  i started a dairy-free diet.
-  i started back to work this month after eight weeks of maternity leave.
jackson turned two months old!

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-  jared + i took a super fun road trip to OKC for my birthday.
-  i had my first major haircut in over a decade.
-  while i love physical books, i bought a kindle because it's easier to hold with a baby in the other arm.
-  i started binging fixer upper this month. i didn't understand all the hype, but now i get it!
jackson turned three months old!

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-  what started out as a fun poll turned into a thing this month. #notpolethursdays
-  i opened up about my struggles with jackson's birth.
-  jared + i binged stranger things + ate pizza + it was magical.
jackson turned four months old!

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-  we transitioned jackson into his crib. it was hit + miss, but i did get seven straight hours of sleep one night!
-  i put our christmas tree up in the middle of the month.
jackson turned five months old!

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-  i started adding dairy back into my diet, and jackson seems to be tolerating it well!
-  we celebrated jackson's first christmas. jared + i agree that this was the best christmas so far.
-  jackson turned six months old!

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