Monday, January 16, 2017

currently // january 2017.

creating:  a plan to start de-cluttering our home. room by room, little by little.

cooking:  tacos + pasta. i really need more recipes.

drinking:  all the sweet tea!

reading:  nothing at the moment. 

watching:  this is us, parenthood, parks + rec.

playing: we've started having game nights with friends. we play this on the ps4. SO. FUN.

anticipating:  our gender appointment next month!

enjoying:  a relaxing weekend with no plans. we thought there would be an ice storm. not so much.

marveling:  at the tiniest of movement i've been feeling from baby.

needing:  a long nap.

learning:  from the documentary, minimalism. it's on netflix right now, and i find it so interesting!

smelling: coffee.

bookmarking:  this potato soup //  basically every recipe on this fb page  //  inspiration for 2017   

giggling:  at our goofy puppy. he is currently standing on top of tyler- like it's totally normal.

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