Thursday, December 31, 2015

2 0 1 5 // a year in review

simply put: twenty-fifteen was the best + craziest year of my life.

i started out the year as a single, small town oklahoma girl.
i'm ending the year as a married girl living in the big (to me) city of wichita, kansas.

new last name.
new city.
new state.
new church.
new job.
(then a better job.)
a new life.

i cannot look back on this year without tearing up + praising God + thanking Him for the good fruit. sure there were hard times, but those moments strengthened my faith. i serve a mighty God who deeply cares for His beloveds.

this time last year, i was feeling so lonely. i remember telling God that after deciding to not date for a few years - i was ready whenever He was. when i reflect on those moments, i imagine God throwing His head back laughing at me. never could i have imagined signing up for a dating app + meeting a guy + driving two hours on the weekends to see him in another state + getting engaged a month and half later + eloping in vegas two weeks after that + moving to another state.

what a crazy-beautiful year.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2 0 1 5 >> A PHOTO REVIEW


valentine's day with my man  //  our vegas elopement  //  bliss
magical  //  total nerds  //  coffee date at verita
birthday trip to the mountains  //  vacay pose  //  our first christmas 


blooms on the front porch  //  spring delights  //  random flowers in a parking lot
beautiful flowers  //  summer blooms  //  flowers in colorado
weird flower at the lake  //  sunflowers by the water  //  flowers from my lover 


raindrops  //  sunset and dead blooms  //  spring delights
palm trees in vegas  // greens at the zoo  //  weird flowers at the lake
dead sunflowers  //  fall leaves in our backyard  //  pine cones 


i said YES!  //  ahhhh, such a fun moment  //  my tyler bear
adventuring in colorado  //  fishing  //  visiting the fam bam in oklahoma
baby milo  //  selfie under the pine tree  //  epic moment 


our first date!  //  pretty ring and spring florals  //  downtown wichita
camping  //  PENGUINS!  //  the drive-in
mountains  //  saturday mornings at verita  //  optimus prime 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

currently // DECEMBER 2015


eleanor & park
big little lies 
someday, someday, maybe: a novel


-  how to get away with murder
-  parenthood

give me suggestions on shows, guys!


*  2016 goals, ideas, quotes, etc.
*  all the bullet journal things.
tidbits of wisdom


caramel macchiattos are still my jam at the moment.
hubs also make a delicious caramel latte.
peppermint mocha from verita coffee co.


ever be - kalley heiligenthan
good good father - casting crowns' version

this playlist on spotify

season two of the serial podcast


my new job! that handsome bass player i call my husband. our new puppy and our tyler bear! this advent season. caramel macchiatos. twinkling lights. veggie lasagna. saturday mornings with hubs. bullet journaling.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

happy bits.

//  when i interviewed for my new job, i walked in the house to these beauties. jared was so excited about my interview that he bought me celebratory roses. two hours later, i got the job offer!

//  tyler bear. i call him that because he's just a big teddy bear. he is such a great dog - super chill, loves everyone, and is our new puppy's best friend.

//  my baby milo. look at him! ahhh, those eyes. he is adjusting so well to his new life with us. he is constantly making me laugh. the first couple days were different for me because i've never had a puppy, so it was kind of like having a baby - up every two hours, crying, etc. but by the weekend, he was getting more comfortable with his new surroundings.

//  my first real tree ever! picking out and decorating a christmas tree with my husband is something i did not take for granted this year. it's our first christmas together. when we were dating, i mentioned how lonely i had felt last christmas. when the holiday season started, he remembered that conversation and said, "now you'll never have to celebrate christmas and thanksgiving alone anymore." cue all the heart eyes and happy tears.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

weekly musings.

//   i've come to the realization that blogging regularly is not going to happen anytime soon.

//  periscope is my new favorite thing right now. i haven't recorded anything, but i love jess connolly.

//  jared and i have been married for eight months. EIGHT. MONTHS. blows my mind, y'all.

//  at any given time, i have five to seven tubes of lipstick, balm, etc. in my purse.

//  I FINALLY GOT A NEW JOB! i start tomorrow. [no more customer service for me!]

//  sometimes i have to remind myself that it's just a moo point.

//  jared makes the best lattes. one day we will own a coffee shop. we'll sell cake, too. #iheartcake

//  we bought a puppy! his name is milo.

//  i am so, so excited about our first christmas together.

//  i am obsessed with this pinterest account right now.

//  this video on bullet journaling is everything!

//  how is it already december first?!