2 0 1 5 // a year in review

simply put: twenty-fifteen was the best + craziest year of my life.

i started out the year as a single, small town oklahoma girl.
i'm ending the year as a married girl living in the big (to me) city of wichita, kansas.

new last name.
new city.
new state.
new church.
new job.
(then a better job.)
a new life.

i cannot look back on this year without tearing up + praising God + thanking Him for the good fruit. sure there were hard times, but those moments strengthened my faith. i serve a mighty God who deeply cares for His beloveds.

this time last year, i was feeling so lonely. i remember telling God that after deciding to not date for a few years - i was ready whenever He was. when i reflect on those moments, i imagine God throwing His head back laughing at me. never could i have imagined signing up for a dating app + meeting a guy + driving two hours on the weekends to see him in another state + getting engaged a month and half later + eloping in vegas two weeks after that + moving to another state.

what a crazy-beautiful year.


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