Tuesday, January 31, 2017

a month in review // january 2017.

-  ice-ice, baby.

-  jared surprised me with these beauties when he went grocery shopping.

-  this sleepy puppy LOVES to cuddle in bed with us.

-  this was such a productive month thanks to my powersheets!


//  we hosted a few game nights with friends. 

//  wichita was supposed to get hit with a big ice storm. it wasn't quite as drastic as predicted, but it made for some pretty photos + extra cuddles with jared. 

//  we bought an SUV - because isn't that what you do when you become a mom? haha :)

//  i felt the baby kick for the first time this month! i cannot function when i feel those little movements. i just sit there and hold my stomach and marvel that there's actually a baby - one part, me + one part, jared + 100% a child of the Most High - growing in my womb. 

//  corporate prayer at the end of the month. i used to feel a little awkward at first due to lack of knowledge. it's just another thing i love about my church. i always tell jared that meeting him wasn't the only thing God had in mind- He also wanted me to experience true worship + faith + preaching. and that's what i get at the ark.

//  i survived january. i survived w-2s + 1099s + quarterly/yearly reports. #bookkeeperprobs


::   i mentioned in this blog post that jared is switching to a different shift. well, instead of happening this month, it's been pushed back several months. what a relief! he will still eventually go to second shift, but we don't really know when. i'm praising the Lord no matter what happens though. i needed this situation to happen so that i could see how much i was trying to live this life my way instead of relying on the Lord. as i was driving home from work one day, "king of the world" came on the radio. what a perfect song for this experience.  

::  i didn't realize how much stuff i accumulated over the years until i had to move it all 200+ miles. it opened my eyes to my spending habits while i was single. i lived with my parents, so i had minimal bills compared to most. i would go on shopping sprees a couple times a month and constantly open my mailbox to another item i ordered off the internet. in hindsight, i was trying to fill a void that only the Lord could satisfy. this is why i chose little by little for 2017. i watched minimalism on netflix this month, and it only confirmed what has been stirring deep in my heart. it's time to get rid of the junk.

::  i will never be too old for chocolate milk.

::  i am so thankful for the friends/co-workers in my life. as i start to research all the baby things, it's clear that i have no idea what kind of stroller/crib/car seat/etc. is best. this experience is so foreign to me. i am grateful that there are so many women who can give advice [that i want!] and guide me along in this process.

::  keeping a running to-do list at work seemed daunting at first, but now i cannot function without one!

::  i grabbed an extra bible i had laying around the house to keep in my desk at work. each day, i take 5-10 minutes to read some scripture - usually from a short devotional. what a difference this has made in my day. though i'm not surprised at all. God's Word is life-giving and never returns void.

::  i now use eye makeup remover every night after i shower - even if there's just a little bit of eye makeup that i can wipe off with a towel. i am weirdly fascinated by getting the last little bit of makeup that didn't come off in the shower. i use this remover by merle norman, but only because it was free.


finish working thru the powersheets prep.  done! the goals i have set for myself this year are good goals, but i feel like i set too many. it was like my mind felt the need to fill up all ten spaces with goals, but my life doesn't necessarily need ten goals. i plan to tweak some things a bit next month. maybe break down daily/weekly/monthly goals a little more in depth or condense the number of goals. i didn't keep up with my powersheets like i wanted to in 2016, and i really believe in this process. so i made a point to look at them each week this month, and it made all the difference!

little by little.  as i mentioned earlier, this is my phrase for twenty-seventeen. it applies to every area of my life. this month, little by little was geared toward taking steps to de-clutter our home. i've found that sorting/cleaning/purging smaller areas -little by little- is far better for me than going room by room. for example: one saturday, i cleaned out a drawer of pens + pencils, a box of random things, and another drawer full of stationery + stickers + such. some things i just tossed; others i took to work and shared with my co-workers. this process isn't about getting rid of everything we own. it's just clearing the excess.

get my hair cut + highlighted.  no more white trash roots! :)

-   take a few hours to reflect on january + fill out powersheets for february.  this is a goal i will have every month. i discovered that taking a little bit of time each month to look back on progress and make improvements has increased my motivation- whether it pertains to home tending or self-care or work.

Monday, January 23, 2017

pregnancy: month four.

DUE DATE:  june 22, 2017
WEEKS:  14 - 17
TRIMESTER:  second


-  spaghettios
-  sweet tea
-  baked potatoes


-  thankful that i finally kicked a nasty cold in week fourteen.
-  a little more energy! that first trimester is no joke.
-  slightly overwhelmed at the thought of deciding on the right stroller/car seat/etc.


-  the names we have picked out.
-  the whole process. i'm soaking it all in!


-  i know i keep saying this, but FINDING OUT THE GENDER! gah.

the anxiety has let up a little bit as i've made my way into the second trimester. there came a point when i decided that worry will not change anything that will happen. we have to trust that God is in control, and that He holds this baby in His hands. there hasn't been anything to make me think anything is wrong, but this crazy thing happens when you find out you're growing a tiny human: you think of alllllll the things that could go wrong. good grief.

there is one thing i haven't let myself think about yet - giving birth. i told myself that i cannot let my mind go there just yet - not until i know the gender. that's when i really feel like i can start preparing. [it will also be reeeeeeally nice to say he/she - him/her instead of the baby/he-or-she/it.] granted i pray about the birth daily. ultimately, it will happen as it's supposed to. i just want a healthy baby + mama. the rest will not matter once they put that sweet babe in my arms.

Monday, January 16, 2017

currently // january 2017.

creating:  a plan to start de-cluttering our home. room by room, little by little.

cooking:  tacos + pasta. i really need more recipes.

drinking:  all the sweet tea!

reading:  nothing at the moment. 

watching:  this is us, parenthood, parks + rec.

playing: we've started having game nights with friends. we play this on the ps4. SO. FUN.

anticipating:  our gender appointment next month!

enjoying:  a relaxing weekend with no plans. we thought there would be an ice storm. not so much.

marveling:  at the tiniest of movement i've been feeling from baby.

needing:  a long nap.

learning:  from the documentary, minimalism. it's on netflix right now, and i find it so interesting!

smelling: coffee.

bookmarking:  this potato soup //  basically every recipe on this fb page  //  inspiration for 2017   

giggling:  at our goofy puppy. he is currently standing on top of tyler- like it's totally normal.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

confession session - volume one.

[this post is inspired by my friend, amanda, of the lady okie. see her confessions here.]

mommy + milo.  the picture above makes me giggle every time i come across it on my phone. there are a few reasons why: [1]  milo did not want to take a picture with me at that moment. we were at the lake, and he just wanted to play and explore. [2]  i just love that puppy - even when he's naughty and chews up a sock. i have been bribing him to get in his kennel lately with cheese-its. i'm going to be a great mother, y'all. [3]  after jared snapped this photo, i looked at it and exclaimed, "why do i look pregnant?!" well, because i was! i had no idea i was pregnant yet, but it sure is hilarious to look back and laugh at my clueless self.

maternity leave.  i wanted to educate myself about what to expect after baby is born, and well... i kinda wish i hadn't. hear me out- having a baby is so wonderful. i still wake up each morning and touch my growing belly with amazement. but there are some things i had no clue about - like how maternity leave is unpaid. ha! silly me. or how totally unfair it is to know of women giving birth to child after child for free, yet after insurance, our cost is still thousands of dollars. BUT. i choose not to focus on those things i deem unfair because such is life.

pregnancy cravings.  in the last week, i have gained an incredible appetite. like i need a small second lunch by 3:00 in the afternoon. goodness. i didn't gain any weight in my first trimester, which worried me. my doctor said i should start to gain some poundage in my second trimester, and i'm starting to believe it. :) while i haven't had any odd cravings, i do crave certain foods/drinks for a couple days. at the moment: sweet tea + tater tots.

blogging + social media.  i have cut the amount of blogs i read and social accounts i follow drastically in the last two months. unfortunately, it's not because i'm trying to simplify or whatever buzzword is popular at the moment. a few of my favorite bloggers have become so sponsor-driven that it's basically all of their content. it's annoying. and i am not one to unfollow people just because i might disagree with some of their beliefs/thoughts/etc, but lately it seems that their bible reads differently than mine. i am not the perfect christian by any means, but i won't shy away from what the bible calls sin just to be relevant in today's society.

laws that should be passed immediately.  nap time is mandatory at every job. people cannot add you to their fb group to constantly bombard you with what they're selling.

a new normal.  we learned this week that jared is being moved to a different department on a different shift. there are positive aspects of this change, especially when it comes to child care once the baby is born. jared will get more sleep. he gets a small raise. but that's about where the positives stop for me. i am not happy about this at all. it means less time spent with him throughout the week, but it is what it is. we cannot change it right now, so this will be our new normal for awhile. he still has a job + we have the weekends. this change has forced me to prayerfully look for the good. i know this isn't the end of the world + we aren't the only family to be affected by the transfers. God gives me more peace about the situation as each day passes. if you or your husband have ever been thru this, i could really use some encouragement.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


my word for twenty-fourteen was lionhearted
my word for twenty-fifteen was surrender.
my phrase for twenty-sixteen was worship wildly.
for twenty-seventeen: little by little.


procrastination is my close friend. it's not something i beat myself up over, but i tend to fall on the drastic side of putting everything off. later turns into tomorrow- which becomes next week. and so on and so forth. i say it's procrastination, but let's call it what it really is: laziness.

this year, instead of putting off this or that until later, i am starting a daily/weekly/monthly practice of little by little. this small practice creates less stress and more time for what matters. chaos turns into simplicity. little by little adds up when i take it day by day. creating small habits will produce a lifestyle that isn't made up of tomorrows and laters and next weeks.

daily tasks look like praying. drinking lots of water + taking vitamins. taking 15-20 minutes each day to straighten up the house + tidy the kitchen. documenting my day in my life planner.

weekly tasks include spreading the laundry out a few days of the week instead of all day on saturdays. working an extra half hour a couple times a week to get caught up at work. studying the bible. fuel my creativity by taking a walk or snapping photos of nature.

monthly tasks are tackling the clutter in our home, room by room. taking a few hours at the end of the month to work through my powersheets + reflect. prepare for baby keimig! blog a couple times.

of course, there's grace for everything. i just beat myself up so much last year because i felt like a loser wife. our home was never in order because i wanted to netflix + chill after work each night. by creating these small habits, progress develops in every area of my life - marriage, faith, work, home, finances, goals, etc.

what is your word or phrase for this year?