Wednesday, January 11, 2017

confession session - volume one.

[this post is inspired by my friend, amanda, of the lady okie. see her confessions here.]

mommy + milo.  the picture above makes me giggle every time i come across it on my phone. there are a few reasons why: [1]  milo did not want to take a picture with me at that moment. we were at the lake, and he just wanted to play and explore. [2]  i just love that puppy - even when he's naughty and chews up a sock. i have been bribing him to get in his kennel lately with cheese-its. i'm going to be a great mother, y'all. [3]  after jared snapped this photo, i looked at it and exclaimed, "why do i look pregnant?!" well, because i was! i had no idea i was pregnant yet, but it sure is hilarious to look back and laugh at my clueless self.

maternity leave.  i wanted to educate myself about what to expect after baby is born, and well... i kinda wish i hadn't. hear me out- having a baby is so wonderful. i still wake up each morning and touch my growing belly with amazement. but there are some things i had no clue about - like how maternity leave is unpaid. ha! silly me. or how totally unfair it is to know of women giving birth to child after child for free, yet after insurance, our cost is still thousands of dollars. BUT. i choose not to focus on those things i deem unfair because such is life.

pregnancy cravings.  in the last week, i have gained an incredible appetite. like i need a small second lunch by 3:00 in the afternoon. goodness. i didn't gain any weight in my first trimester, which worried me. my doctor said i should start to gain some poundage in my second trimester, and i'm starting to believe it. :) while i haven't had any odd cravings, i do crave certain foods/drinks for a couple days. at the moment: sweet tea + tater tots.

blogging + social media.  i have cut the amount of blogs i read and social accounts i follow drastically in the last two months. unfortunately, it's not because i'm trying to simplify or whatever buzzword is popular at the moment. a few of my favorite bloggers have become so sponsor-driven that it's basically all of their content. it's annoying. and i am not one to unfollow people just because i might disagree with some of their beliefs/thoughts/etc, but lately it seems that their bible reads differently than mine. i am not the perfect christian by any means, but i won't shy away from what the bible calls sin just to be relevant in today's society.

laws that should be passed immediately.  nap time is mandatory at every job. people cannot add you to their fb group to constantly bombard you with what they're selling.

a new normal.  we learned this week that jared is being moved to a different department on a different shift. there are positive aspects of this change, especially when it comes to child care once the baby is born. jared will get more sleep. he gets a small raise. but that's about where the positives stop for me. i am not happy about this at all. it means less time spent with him throughout the week, but it is what it is. we cannot change it right now, so this will be our new normal for awhile. he still has a job + we have the weekends. this change has forced me to prayerfully look for the good. i know this isn't the end of the world + we aren't the only family to be affected by the transfers. God gives me more peace about the situation as each day passes. if you or your husband have ever been thru this, i could really use some encouragement.

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