cute chick mug. milo bean. beauty & the beast! sweet baby boy. chai latte. baby shower mints. chocolate chip cookies. baby bump. CAKE.


//  i finally watched beauty + the beast. y'all - it was SO good. MAGICAL. i cried a few times because i'm pregnant and my nostalgic emotions couldn't be contained!

//  my in-laws threw me the cutest baby shower. i got to see my mama + soul sistah + eat lots of cake.

//  i had a lot of migraines this month due to my crazy hormones. it's a struggle, but i know it isn't forever.

//  we've had an invasion of egrets in our backyard. there are over a hundred birds in our trees. it's insane!

//  i was having a hard day + jared surprised me with an iced chai and taking off work early.

//  i finally finished parks + rec. i put off watching the last episode [this was my first time watching it!] because i didn't want it to end. it is one of my favorite series ever!


::  adding shredded cheese to ramen noodles makes them ten times better.

::  i'm learning to live slower evenings. what i mean by that is i felt like i was always rushing home at the end of the work day. now that jared is on a different shift, i don't have to get home and cook dinner or do this or that right away. so i'm taking my evenings slowly. 

::  make a list for grocery shopping trips. monday nights are usually when i buy groceries, and as insane as it sounds, i enjoy them. jared texts me what he needs. i make a big list for the week + sort it out by departments/sections because i hate when i forget something on the other side of the store!

::  i have a small box of my favorite pens at home that i use for journaling/powersheets/etc. i left it sitting on the side table one day. when i came home, my favorite pen was sitting on the table WITH THE LID OFF. the perpetrator - husband - doesn't understand the love i have for office products, so i let it slide just this once. but i have learned to keep that box of pens in the spare bedroom on my desk - far, far away from him. i informed him that if he needed a pen, use the ones that "don't matter". he gave me the oddest look, but a girl's gotta protect her favorite pens.

::  this new shift for jared isn't too bad at the moment. i've had a lot of errands and to-dos, which makes the evenings go by quickly. we are making the best of it, even though we only see each other for a total of an hour each day during the work week.

::  i randomly grabbed a box of these cake in a mug mixes at the grocery store recently. it was the best purchase of the month, y'all. i let jared try a bite of mine and ended up having to make him his own. haha!



make a huge master list of every to-do task before baby arrives.  //  well... i've started the list. haha.

-  clean out the spare bedroom.  //  done! once i get the crib & dresser/changing table, we can start putting it together.

read one book  //  i started reading chasing slow, but i haven't finished it yet. it's so good!

listen to two podcasts.  //  oops. nope.


-  powersheets check in.  //  between work, a seemingly never-ending to-do list, and sickness, i didn't look at my powersheets much. it is what it is though.

-  blog 1 - 2 times per week.  //  i only blogged twice the entire month [here + here]. but again- it is what it is.


-  bible study
-  drink three waters
-  vitamins
-  little by little
-  eclp dailies

DUE DATE:  june 22
WEEKS:  27 - 30
GENDER:  boy!


burn, baby, burn.  oh, lovely heartburn. though it's not terrible, it creeps up throughout the day. i feel like there's acid just sitting in my throat. gross.

swollen feet.  funny story: i was sitting in my co-worker's office chatting about whatnot, when i looked down at my foot. i thought to myself, "where is my ankle bone?" i then proceeded to have a minor freak-out session because i didn't even recognize my own feet due to the swelling. we all got a good laugh out of it. :)


baked potatoes. this has been a constant throughout my pregnancy.
ice cream. this has been a constant throughout my life.


baby boy moves a lot! it's my favorite part of pregnancy for sure. it's so cute [and a little uncomfortable at times] when i roll over in bed, he adjusts, too. such a little wiggle worm. :)


what's that? ha, kidding. sleeping is decent, but getting comfortable to go to sleep is another story. i don't have as much insomnia as last month, but it's just uncomfortable sometimes.


i have a small rotation of maternity shirts + pants i wear. i still wear my old t-shirts around the house and to bed. no doubt the belly section is totally stretched out in them now. i am trying to finish out the rest of my pregnancy without buying anything else. so far, so good!


holding him. seeing what he looks like. more kicks because i know i'll miss it after he's born.

-  i am 30 weeks! oh, mylanta. the third trimester is flying by.

-  i passed my glucose test! initial results were high, but after some testing, i'm all good. PRAISE THE LORD!

-  adding shredded cheese to ramen noodles makes them ten times better!

-  i ordered this journal recently + cannot wait to start using it.

-  i have finally decided on a dinosaur theme for baby boy's nursery.

-  i get offended when they don't cut/bite into the food at the end of FB food/recipe videos.

-  the weather this week is stellar. mild seventies with lots of sunshine. 

-  my baby shower was this past weekend. i got to see my mama + soul sistah + i had so much fun!

four things Jesus didn't die for.

-  i know it's going to be a good day when my co-worker brings donuts to work.

-  making grunting sounds when getting up/rolling over/basically moving are part of my daily life right now.

this post popped up on my timehop this am. still relevant three years later. 

-  i ate cake twice this weekend, and i have leftover cake in the fridge, so you could say i'm winning at life.

-  i've accepted the fact that by the end of the day, i start to waddle a bit. jared calls me his little duck. ha!

-  i wish i loved la croix like everyone else does. it looks so delicious, but tastes like death. just me? ok.