pregnancy: month seven.

DUE DATE:  june 22
WEEKS:  27 - 30
GENDER:  boy!


burn, baby, burn.  oh, lovely heartburn. though it's not terrible, it creeps up throughout the day. i feel like there's acid just sitting in my throat. gross.

swollen feet.  funny story: i was sitting in my co-worker's office chatting about whatnot, when i looked down at my foot. i thought to myself, "where is my ankle bone?" i then proceeded to have a minor freak-out session because i didn't even recognize my own feet due to the swelling. we all got a good laugh out of it. :)


baked potatoes. this has been a constant throughout my pregnancy.
ice cream. this has been a constant throughout my life.


baby boy moves a lot! it's my favorite part of pregnancy for sure. it's so cute [and a little uncomfortable at times] when i roll over in bed, he adjusts, too. such a little wiggle worm. :)


what's that? ha, kidding. sleeping is decent, but getting comfortable to go to sleep is another story. i don't have as much insomnia as last month, but it's just uncomfortable sometimes.


i have a small rotation of maternity shirts + pants i wear. i still wear my old t-shirts around the house and to bed. no doubt the belly section is totally stretched out in them now. i am trying to finish out the rest of my pregnancy without buying anything else. so far, so good!


holding him. seeing what he looks like. more kicks because i know i'll miss it after he's born.


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