recipes / foodie favs:

-  decaf pumpkin spice frapp
-  cold brew with sweet cream creamer
-  hot tea with local raw honey 

listened to:
-  the relatable podcast with allie b. stuckey
-  prayer in a noisy world - valerie woerner 

i started two books this month, but i'm not quite finished with them yet:

-  air force one (idk what it is about this movie, but i loved it!) 
-  shang-chi at the drive-in 

on the blog:

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  H A P P E N I N G S  

-  my family came up for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. it was so much fun to shop + hang out with them.

-  we went to the drive-in on a friday night to watch shang-chi (excellent movie!). we stopped by milkfloat on our way there + i got an iced decaf americano + a cupcake. it was a quintessential summer night. 

-   jackson started pre-k this month! he is loving school + i am grateful. 

-  fall is here. the temps are starting to cool down + it makes me so happy!

-  we went to the maize parade in our neighborhood + then walked over to the fall festival. it was so fun! i had a lovely massage + then the most decadent dutch oven blueberry cobbler.

-  jackson + i started taking evening walks again now that the weather is cooling down. 

-  our friends had covid and needed someone to watch their new puppy while they recovered. we agreed + he was such a tiny thing. 

-  the boys + my family took a trip to broken bow for the week. it was so fun. we stayed in a beautiful cabin + explored + ate delicious food. the best vacation!

  R E A L I Z A T I O N S  

-  i can work outside the home + also be a homemaker.  

-  making a daily habit of listing what i am grateful for is a good way to keep my mind grounded. 

-  motherhood is not my highest calling. i said what i said. [and while i'm at it -- can we stop using the term "full-time mom"? i get what's being said, but it's degrading to moms who work outside the home. we are not part-time moms.

-  our home can be both beautiful + functional. it is my goal for the next few months to make this a reality.

-  i have resolved that every time i go to pick up a shirt at a store, half of it could be missing. 

-  i am really bad at pool.

-  it's not "us vs. them". reject that mentality. lead with love.


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-  this week’s MVP = the weather. cool mornings + beautiful afternoons. it’s magical. 

-  i did something this week that i've never done before: i accidentally locked my keys in my car. i went the whole day oblivious to the fact that my keys were not in my purse. as i was leaving work, i could not find my keys + immediately knew what i had done. thankfully - just last weekend - i had absentmindedly thrown my remote start clicker in my purse, so all was well in the end. 

-  i bought these hanging prisms for the windows in our home. little rainbows fill the room + it makes me happy.

-  this tiktok page is such a vibe. take me there! 

-  i had a random idea for my blog's instagram page. i have thousands of photos on my phone + most of them are of flowers. i'm going to share all my floral photos in the feed. 

-  we had our first autumnal fire in the backyard. it was glorious! 

-  i am almost finished with gentle + lowly. not to sound dramatic, but this book has changed me. every christian should read this. 

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-  sometimes when i write, i want the atmosphere to feel cozy, even when it's 90º outside. so i put my headphones in + play a thunderstorm playlist on spotify. it is soothing + relaxing.

-  jackson calls stuffed animals his "lovies" and it kills me with cuteness.

-  i really had to ask for patience from the Holy Spirit while on the phone with a member this week. she was not a nice person. she was so rude to my coworkers as well, going as far to say she's going to "write a letter". [yeah, she was a peach, lol.] while i kept my cool with her, i also made sure to let my coworkers know they are valued. i do not have many interactions with members, but those in customer service are my heroes! 

-  this post by erin is so, so beautiful + insightful.

-  motherhood is not my highest calling. i said what i said. [and while i'm at it -- can we stop using the term "full-time mom"? i get what's being said, but it's degrading to moms who work outside the home. we are not part-time moms.]

-  have you ever used a bidet? we have one in jared’s bathroom + will be adding another to my toilet soon. this is what we have + it’s a little luxury for your bum.

-  why WHYYYYYY am i wishing for snow?! i think it's the mosquitos. they're driving me to insanity.

-  we went to the parade in our neighborhood + then walked over to the fall festival. it was so fun! i got a glorious massage + the most delectable dutch oven blueberry cobbler that i will dream about for weeks. what a fun saturday morning!

-  i have been wearing these faux nose rings for over a year + love them. 

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-  we had monday off, and i spent most of the day cleaning. it was a good day.

-  i randomly bought these hair ties + they work perfectly for holding a top knot in place.

-  i have a small goal for these final months of the year: make our home beautiful + functional. it can be both.

-  i'm trying to soak up these last days of summer while also dreaming of bonfires + cozy clothes.

-  i need 2 things before it gets cold: new boots + a new jacket. i ordered this jacket, but still looking for boots.

-  remember when we used to post our monthly goals on our blogs back in the day? maybe i'll bring that back. 

-  we took jackson to the drive-in on friday night. shang-chi was awesome. jackson fell asleep, of course, but we still had a lot of fun! we stopped by milkfloat on our way to the movies + enjoyed a sweet treat. i had an iced decaf americano + a cookie butter cupcake. jared had one of their homemade poptarts. it was a delightful evening. 

-  if you didn't know, i have a FB page for the blog. i share all the new blog posts there.

-  do i need an air fryer, y'all? 

-  jackson + i have started our evening walks again. he is so curious about everything + asks questions about the most random of things. it's a good reminder to stop + savor the little things. we notice more that way.  

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as parents of today's digital world, we often try to protect our children's privacy on social media. 
we don't want them to look back + be embarrassed by things we posted about them.

but what about the other things we post?

if our digital lives are out there for our kids to see in a decade or two, what will they see?

kind, encouraging words + everyday life happenings + funny things + hard things + standing for Truth?

or will they see how divisive we were with our words? how little we valued being the light to a dark world in favor of trying to have a mic-drop moment that only feeds our egos? 

-  you are not a failure if you forget to bring your kid's school supplies for their 'meet the teacher' night. you are not a failure if you put off getting said school supplies, and the entire city of wichita is out of brown pom poms + foam sheets (but they did have every color you didn't need!). you'll learn your lesson for next time + order everything off amazon the second you get a list of needed items. you are not a failure.

-  when jackson lounges around the house without a shirt on, i find it so cute. 

-  the boys + i ventured out to my favorite sushi restaurant to eat for my birthday. it was a good day. 

-  jackson started his first day of pre-k! he did so great + i am excited to watch him grow + learn this year.

-  cleaning tiktoks have helped me so much with not only motivation, but ideas on storage, organization, etc.

-  i have been on the internet for 10+ years. i don't post about controversial/political topics. it's just not my lane. but i shared my viewpoint on abortion in my instagram stories this week. i received several messages of agreement. i am grateful. i could not stay silent any longer regarding the texas abortion bill. my feed was only filled with christians who were standing on middle ground. (i really wanted to type "christians" because how do you justify abortion as a believer? stop with the middle ground stuff when women are celebrating their abortions with parties.) the stories are saved on my highlights if you're interested.

-  we tried h-tea-o this weekend + i really liked it! i got the sweet georgia peach tea. even jared is a fan.

-  this look is such a vibe. i got the coat this weekend, + i already have the cozy sweatshirts. 

-  my family was in town to celebrate my birthday this weekend. we shopped a lot + ate good food. 

-  why is it that when i go to pick up a cute shirt these days, half of it is missing?!