-  you are not a failure if you forget to bring your kid's school supplies for their 'meet the teacher' night. you are not a failure if you put off getting said school supplies, and the entire city of wichita is out of brown pom poms + foam sheets (but they did have every color you didn't need!). you'll learn your lesson for next time + order everything off amazon the second you get a list of needed items. you are not a failure.

-  when jackson lounges around the house without a shirt on, i find it so cute. 

-  the boys + i ventured out to my favorite sushi restaurant to eat for my birthday. it was a good day. 

-  jackson started his first day of pre-k! he did so great + i am excited to watch him grow + learn this year.

-  cleaning tiktoks have helped me so much with not only motivation, but ideas on storage, organization, etc.

-  i have been on the internet for 10+ years. i don't post about controversial/political topics. it's just not my lane. but i shared my viewpoint on abortion in my instagram stories this week. i received several messages of agreement. i am grateful. i could not stay silent any longer regarding the texas abortion bill. my feed was only filled with christians who were standing on middle ground. (i really wanted to type "christians" because how do you justify abortion as a believer? stop with the middle ground stuff when women are celebrating their abortions with parties.) the stories are saved on my highlights if you're interested.

-  we tried h-tea-o this weekend + i really liked it! i got the sweet georgia peach tea. even jared is a fan.

-  this look is such a vibe. i got the coat this weekend, + i already have the cozy sweatshirts. 

-  my family was in town to celebrate my birthday this weekend. we shopped a lot + ate good food. 

-  why is it that when i go to pick up a cute shirt these days, half of it is missing?! 


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