1.  NERDLE. and wordle. and globle. and quordle. they are little delights with my morning coffee.

2.  WFH SNOW DAYS.  we had several snowstorms this month. i am so grateful i was able to work from home on the days when the roads were bad. it made the snow much more enjoyable.

3.  MY AMAZON COAT.  it makes such a difference when you have proper winter gear. this coat kept me so warm during all the snow + cold temperatures.

4.  LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES.  i have driven by a little free library near my neighborhood for months, and we finally stopped by one evening. i found five new releases! jackson found a couple of kids books as well. we have since found another one to visit. we are big fans! 

5.  CAMPING.  we camped for only 24 hours on one of my long weekends off, and it was wonderful. the irony is the fact that there was snow on the ground. just a few days prior, we received almost six inches of snow and then it was 70º. welcome to kansas!

6.  DAILY PAGES.  i started using one page for each day in my bullet journal, as opposed to two pages for the entire week. i can now log my daily tasks more easily and also have space for gratitude. i love my bu-jo! 


+  i had monday off, so we camped at cheney lake for a day. jackson was getting over a cold, so we weren't sure we'd be able to go, but he started to feel better. sometimes nature is the best medicine. 

+  i have saved $299.89 this year by utilizing my local library. 

+  it is rare for me to DNF a book, but the comfort book by matt haig is one i could not finish. the format of the book is what drew me in, but its contents are full of self-centered advice that is so far from my worldview. it was just not for me.

+  “how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” [annie dillard] 

+  i did not understand the appeal of reading a cookbook until i read rebel homemaker. now i want to read them all!

+  i started reading "liturgy of the ordinary". two chapeters in + this could already be a favorite of the year!

+  i don't want "hot takes" anymore. i want your viewpoint on an issue. a hot take pridefully garners attention while a viewpoint requires thought. (i'm about two second away from unpopular opinions as well. why must we feed our egos with more dissension?!) 

+  we walked about towne west square on saturday afternoon. it was a ghost town. but! we are very, very excited about the revitalization of the movie theater in the mall! 

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FEEL YOUR WAY THROUGH - kelsea ballerini

likes:  there were some beautiful lines of poetry.

dislikes:  kelsea + i have different worldviews, so some poems were not for me. 

3 stars

LAGOM - niki brantmark 

likes:  there are practical ideas for slower living + it was just an enjoyable book to read.

dislikes:  not really anything.  

4 stars

ADMISSION - julie buxbaum 

likes:  short chapters. the main character's sister. 

dislikes:  woke language + buzzwords. i don't need to know an author's political ideologies, especially in a YA book.
but also- i could not stop thinking about this book. i have no idea why!

3 stars

likes:  it's a book about books + reading. 

dislikes:  i didn't understand some of the comics, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

4 stars

REBEL HOMEMAKER - drew barrymore 

likes:  drew's stories, her list of favorite meals, and the behind-the-scenes photos from drew.

dislikes:  some of the recipes were not for me. and why does a cookbook have curse words in it?!

4 stars


+  there is a little free library down the street from our neighborhood. i finally stopped by to see what treasures i could find. i found five newly released books! even jackson got in on the fun + found a few books for himself. i have already stopped by two more times since.  

+  we (the three of us) celebrated valentine's day with a home-cooked dinner + lattes at milkfloat. 

+  i had another WFH snow day this week. we got another six inches of snow! i kinda loved it. 

+  i have started using ibotta again. you can scan your receipts + receive cash back. use my link + get $10. (hey, i get $10, too!) 

+  i do not like to eat in the car. i will if i have to, but i’d rather wait until i get home. i’m also a mood drinker- meaning my coffee or tea mug matters! i can’t just go grabbing a cup without determining what best fits my vibe at the moment. it’s probably why we own dozens of coffee mugs. 

+  jackson came down with a bad cold, so i thought our plans to camp over the weekend were shot. he felt better, so - with snow still on the ground from the snowstorm two days prior - we camped overnight at cheney lake. the weather was beautiful! 


+  there are several different versions of wordle out now. my favorite is nerdle (wordle, but make it math.)  there is also qwordle + more even more wordle spin-offs for hockey, football, + who knows what else LOL. 

+  i also started playing globle this week. i'm starting to wonder if i ever took a geography class?? one day, it took me 48 tries to guess the correct country! BUT. because i love to learn, i have listed every country in each continent in my bullet journal. i want to find something to help me gain more knowledge in geography. #studentforlyfe 

+  i tried something new in my bullet journal this week: daily pages. why didn't i do this sooner?! it's wonderful. i have a section for my daily tasks and another section for daily gratitude. i am already dreaming of the next bujo's layouts (i have a separate bujo for each quarter, so i will start a new one in march.) 

+  our friend kurt came over for the evening. we sat by the fire, sipping how tea + conversing. 

+  in case you decide to buy valentine's day cards for you child three days before v-day, know target will be all sold out. (ask me how i know!)

+  i made short daily reels on insta. they are a fun spark of creativity in my day. 

+  i randomly turned off my email notifications on my phone recently. highly recommend!

+  i have had the same hair clip for years- it's so old. there are missing "teeth" and it barely holds my hair together. i finally bought one at target over the weekend, and WOW! it's the little things.

+  during my social media sabbath, i finished two books! rebel homemaker + i will judge you by your bookshelves. i completely understand why people love to read + collect cookbooks now. drew's was part memoir, part recipes. i have already added several to my reading list.

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+  my sweatshirt came in the mail this week! i am basically living in it now.

+  wichita received almost six inches of snow this week! i worked from home the first day + it was the perfect WFH snow day. 

+  i started reading the little book of lykke. (affiliate link)

+  my macbook needed maintenance this week. somehow it stopped updating to the current operating software + had twenty viruses! thankfully best buy was able to fix it. they told me it will probably last another five years, which is awesome considering i've had it since 2014. time to start saving for another one because i love it so much.

+  counting it all as joy is a mindset.

+  rach kincaid is blogging every day + it has inspired me to blog every day in either march or april. 

+  saturday morning was such a delight. we slept in, i made pancakes, + we cuddled up in bed for most of the morning. jared + jackson watched tv while i read a book, caught up on my favorite newsletters, + sipped coffee. forever grateful for slow mornings.

+  i woke up to use the restroom. i decided to go back to bed for a little bit. that hour of sleep was incredible.