weekly musings // 0029


+  there is a little free library down the street from our neighborhood. i finally stopped by to see what treasures i could find. i found five newly released books! even jackson got in on the fun + found a few books for himself. i have already stopped by two more times since.  

+  we (the three of us) celebrated valentine's day with a home-cooked dinner + lattes at milkfloat. 

+  i had another WFH snow day this week. we got another six inches of snow! i kinda loved it. 

+  i have started using ibotta again. you can scan your receipts + receive cash back. use my link + get $10. (hey, i get $10, too!) 

+  i do not like to eat in the car. i will if i have to, but i’d rather wait until i get home. i’m also a mood drinker- meaning my coffee or tea mug matters! i can’t just go grabbing a cup without determining what best fits my vibe at the moment. it’s probably why we own dozens of coffee mugs. 

+  jackson came down with a bad cold, so i thought our plans to camp over the weekend were shot. he felt better, so - with snow still on the ground from the snowstorm two days prior - we camped overnight at cheney lake. the weather was beautiful! 


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