weekly musings // 0028


+  there are several different versions of wordle out now. my favorite is nerdle (wordle, but make it math.)  there is also qwordle + more even more wordle spin-offs for hockey, football, + who knows what else LOL. 

+  i also started playing globle this week. i'm starting to wonder if i ever took a geography class?? one day, it took me 48 tries to guess the correct country! BUT. because i love to learn, i have listed every country in each continent in my bullet journal. i want to find something to help me gain more knowledge in geography. #studentforlyfe 

+  i tried something new in my bullet journal this week: daily pages. why didn't i do this sooner?! it's wonderful. i have a section for my daily tasks and another section for daily gratitude. i am already dreaming of the next bujo's layouts (i have a separate bujo for each quarter, so i will start a new one in march.) 

+  our friend kurt came over for the evening. we sat by the fire, sipping how tea + conversing. 

+  in case you decide to buy valentine's day cards for you child three days before v-day, know target will be all sold out. (ask me how i know!)

+  i made short daily reels on insta. they are a fun spark of creativity in my day. 

+  i randomly turned off my email notifications on my phone recently. highly recommend!

+  i have had the same hair clip for years- it's so old. there are missing "teeth" and it barely holds my hair together. i finally bought one at target over the weekend, and WOW! it's the little things.

+  during my social media sabbath, i finished two books! rebel homemaker + i will judge you by your bookshelves. i completely understand why people love to read + collect cookbooks now. drew's was part memoir, part recipes. i have already added several to my reading list.

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