weekly musings // 0027

+  my sweatshirt came in the mail this week! i am basically living in it now.

+  wichita received almost six inches of snow this week! i worked from home the first day + it was the perfect WFH snow day. 

+  i started reading the little book of lykke. (affiliate link)

+  my macbook needed maintenance this week. somehow it stopped updating to the current operating software + had twenty viruses! thankfully best buy was able to fix it. they told me it will probably last another five years, which is awesome considering i've had it since 2014. time to start saving for another one because i love it so much.

+  counting it all as joy is a mindset.

+  rach kincaid is blogging every day + it has inspired me to blog every day in either march or april. 

+  saturday morning was such a delight. we slept in, i made pancakes, + we cuddled up in bed for most of the morning. jared + jackson watched tv while i read a book, caught up on my favorite newsletters, + sipped coffee. forever grateful for slow mornings.

+  i woke up to use the restroom. i decided to go back to bed for a little bit. that hour of sleep was incredible.


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