//  jared took me to the drive-in a couple weeks ago. it was my first time ever! we stocked up on tons of snacks + candy + cream soda. i LOVED it so, so much. i cannot wait to go back!

//  delightful flowers. beauty is everywhere, even in parking lots.

//  jared and i took a walk around sedgwick county park over the weekend. we walked over this cool bridge, and i knew i had to snap a photo. one of the things i love most about my marriage is how no matter where we are or what we're doing, we can talk about anything and everything.

//  my current obsession: caramel frappuccino with a double shot of espresso, no whipped cream.

//  these lovely flowers lined a sidewalk so beautifully that i had hubs pull over so i could take a photo.

//  wings + sweet tea + football + a handsome date = all the heart eyes.

//  a snapshot from our walk. for a park that's in the middle of a city, it is so picturesque. i cannot wait to have a few sessions there when i get my photography business up and running in the future.

//  pretty little flowers.

//  downtown wichita. this was a random shot that i snapped as we were sitting at a stoplight. i love my city.

the last several days have been weird and crazy and insane. between work and some tough family stuff back in oklahoma, i was feeling overwhelmed. and then i remembered a song we sing at church that says, "the joy of the Lord is our strength." i started singing that line over and over again at work.

lately i've been walking in circumstances instead of faith. reaction has replaced grace and human opinion was valued over God's Word. but friday night, i declared aloud that the joy of the Lord is my strength. He is my portion. i will praise Him with every breath in my lungs. like a sweet woman at church always tells me, i am blessed and highly favored.

the joy of the Lord is my strength. amen.

EATING  //  all the things. HA! but seriously though. i have gained over ten pounds since jared and i have been married. it's insane, y'all. we are trying to get back on track with healthier eating. motivation is what we need, and we're getting there.

WATCHING  //   hulu is AWESOME. like, what was i doing with my life? i am on the last season of gilmore girls! i really, really don't want it to end, so i am stretching it out as long as i can. we also watch 'rules of engagement' a couple nights a week. i think that show is hilarious!

READING  //  i am so excited because i got a library card! i haven't had one since i was in middle school, and i was just as giddy to get it as i was back then. i need book recs, people! when i'm at the gym, i need something to occupy my mind instead of OH MY GOODNESS, I'M GOING TO FAINT.

SIPPING  //  caramel frappunccino with a  double shot of espresso, no whipped cream. they are my jam, y'all.

WRITING  //  in my bullet journal. i am so dedicated to this creative system. i record almost anything and everything that happens throughout my day. it has been super helpful in my productivity as well as documenting everyday tasks to remember and reflect.

PLANNING  //  our trip to colorado! oh mylanta - i am ecstatic for this. i have never been to colorado. i know it's beautiful, but what i'm looking forward to the most is the weather. light sweaters, hollllaaaaa atcha girl.

MAKING ME HAPPY  //  that handsome hubs of mine. daily convos with my madre. being silly while grocery shopping. kind people at work. my co-workers. coffee. our dog, tyler. exploring wichita. hubs pulling over so i could take a photo of flowers. random talks as we run errands on saturdays. hardwood floors. peanut butter. my best friend asking me to be a bridesmaid! gilmore girls. a good workout. finding a cute pair of jeans for twenty bucks. movie nights with hubs and our friends. blogs + blogging. more coffee. and finally - the coming of fall. i haven't allowed myself to utter those words until recently. i want to enjoy this season. this literal season - summer. i don't want to always be looking forward to the next thing. i want to soak in the present and all its little beauties and happenings. but after mowing last week, i counted fourteen mosquito bites, so COME ON, FALL.

galatians 5:13 - "for you were called to freedom, brothers. only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another."

SERVE ONE ANOTHER IN LOVE. serve others with joy. serve one another - even when they are not so nice. serve others with a smile. serve one another - even when life is hard. serve others with kindness. serve one another - even if they are rude.

sometimes people suck. sometimes people have really bad days. sometimes people are just plain mean.

even so - serve others with grace upon grace.

serve others in the everyday moments of life
even if you don't want to. even if they are mean. even when you're tired.

serve with love and grace and kindness. shine your light for all to see.
that light - no matter how thick and deep the darkness is - always shines brighter in the dark.

i read this quote recently + it has radically changed my daily life.

how much time and energy have i wasted on insignificant moments that have no value? this one life i have is far too precious and fleeting to let circumstances dictate my mood + emotions. [my time is better spent reading, writing, or fueling my creativity.]

instead- i make a conscious choice to look at a situation for what it is. most of the time, it's so minute in the grand scheme of all things. these days, people get offended about eeeeeeeverthing. let's channel that energy into something meaningful.

be the change you want to see instead of just complaining about how things need to change.


monday truths is a series on this little blog. we all need truth in our life. not fluff. not feel-good nonsense. but hard-hitting, soul-feeding, life-giving truth. each week, i will post a quote, scripture, or word of truth to get you started for the week ahead.

my hope is that you will remember these little tidbits of wisdom throughout your week when lemons or curve balls or whatever random object gets thrown your way because, hey - that's life.


this post became a pinterest gold mine! i have more views + pins on this image than any other posts combined! i have updated it with a new graphic to include the source. i cannot believe i made a graphic that ended up becoming so popular, only to not include my website on it. [humbled, party of one.] here is a new graphic for those who want it!



-  four months of marriage.
-  random flowers behind a building. beauty is everywhere.
-  pretty plants.
-  a snippet of my bullet journal.
-  kansas skies.
-  the best mocha from one of our favorite coffee shops in wichita - verita coffee company.
-  pretty summer wildflowers.
-  tyler looooooves his car rides. [and taking snapchats with mommy.]
-  these pretty vines are growing on our front porch and i find their simpleness so beautiful.


//  celebrating my mama's birthday in oklahoma with family, friends, food, fireworks, and freedom.
//  lots of weekends spent hanging out with friends and making fun memories.
//  going on a random date on the east side that will always be a favorite memory.
//  starting a bullet journal. [best. idea. ever.]
//  drinking way too many frozen cappuccinos from quiktrip.
//  becoming more familiar with my job.


y'all, where did july go? for real. this year is flying by and i'm learning to take in each moment of every day. even those hard times - i still find myself with a joy unspeakable. God has been working in my life and on my heart. i start each morning with my hands lifted to heaven, giving that day to the Lord. this seemingly small action has radically changed the rest of my day.

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