August 1, 2015


-  four months of marriage.
-  random flowers behind a building. beauty is everywhere.
-  pretty plants.
-  a snippet of my bullet journal.
-  kansas skies.
-  the best mocha from one of our favorite coffee shops in wichita - verita coffee company.
-  pretty summer wildflowers.
-  tyler looooooves his car rides. [and taking snapchats with mommy.]
-  these pretty vines are growing on our front porch and i find their simpleness so beautiful.


//  celebrating my mama's birthday in oklahoma with family, friends, food, fireworks, and freedom.
//  lots of weekends spent hanging out with friends and making fun memories.
//  going on a random date on the east side that will always be a favorite memory.
//  starting a bullet journal. [best. idea. ever.]
//  drinking way too many frozen cappuccinos from quiktrip.
//  becoming more familiar with my job.


y'all, where did july go? for real. this year is flying by and i'm learning to take in each moment of every day. even those hard times - i still find myself with a joy unspeakable. God has been working in my life and on my heart. i start each morning with my hands lifted to heaven, giving that day to the Lord. this seemingly small action has radically changed the rest of my day.

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