recipes / foodie favs:

-  cold brew with a splash of sweet cream.
-  watermelon w/tajin 
-  crumbl cookie (oreo is the best flavor)
-  sushi from my fav restaurant 

listened to:
-  drama queens (OTH episode recap podcast)
-  "come back home" - petey martin + lauren daigle 
-  "rest on us" - maverick city music, upperroom, + brandon lake
-  several episodes of relatable with allie beth stuckey 

-  "survive the night" - r. sager  //  4 stars
-  "the maidens" - a. michaelides  //  4 stars

-  i rewatched the first 3 seasons of one tree hill. 
-  lots of old thriller movies. 

making me happy:   cold brew + sweet cream  •  pinterest  •  my bullet journal  •   blogging  •  new notebooks  •  cozy sweatshirts + shorts  •  dreaming of fall  •  cleaning tiktoks 

  H A P P E N I N G S  

-  i got my hair done. i am working my way back to blonde. brunette was fun for a bit, but it's time to be blonde again.

-  i decided to move my "weekly musings" posts to the blog. instagram (and social media in general) are too loud sometimes. and i really want to bring blogging back. i miss the way it used to be, so why not make it that way again? you can find all the blog posts here (this has been a recurring post for several years). 

-  we went out on my BIL's boat. watching the sunset on a boat is an experience.

-  we met jackson's new teacher for pre-k. he is so excited!

-  i celebrated another year of life. it was delightful.

  R E A L I Z A T I O N S  

-  am i parenting from pride or with purpose?

-  ask questions. ask follow-up questions. just ask.

-  getting my driver’s license was a breeze compared to the last time.

-  what feels like abandonment is often sanctification + refinement.

- think outside the box.

-  getting to the root cause of an issue is not only great for physical health, it’s beneficial for our whole wellbeing. when i react to something in a strong way, i have been asking myself why + what am i associating the experience with? it’s so helpful in keeping perspective, especially when the matter at hand is small potatoes. 


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0001.  ask questions. ask follow-up questions. just ask.

0002.  it's okay to change your mind. 

0003.  social media breaks are a must. so what if i miss something? life is best lived untethered to my phone.

0004.  i had two more miscarriages this year. that pain never gets easier, but i can say with complete certainty that God is still good. He is faithful + worthy of every bit of my praise, even if all i can muster is a whisper. 

0005.  am i parenting from pride or with purpose?

0006.   a long walk in our neighborhood is good for the soul.

0007.  what feels like abandonment is often refinement or sanctification

0008.  there are better things i can hold in my hand than my phone.

0009.  i can have thoughts + opinions about anything + everything, but i also recognize there is nuance in just about every situation. may i not let my views on freedom issues eclipse empathy for others. 

0010.  i will never regret beginning the day with scripture. (no matter how tired i am.) a relationship with Jesus does not happen if the bible collects dust.

0011.  it took a bit, but i am confident in my mothering abilities. for so long, i compared every single thing to any mother i came in contact with. it was exhausting. but something clicked this year. jackson needs his mom; not a mixture of everyone else’s mom’s opinions. parenting with confidence only happens with the Holy Spirit. 

0012.  i really tried to embrace the winter season. most years, i tend to just endure it, but surviving is not living.

0013.  don't be so afraid to make a mistake that you don't make a decision.

0014.  emergency room physicians bill separately from the hospital.

0015.  create. even if it's for five minutes.

0016.  it's okay to plan + prepare, but be fluid.

0017.  i dyed my hair brunette. it was fun for a minute, but it feels good to be blonde again.

0018.  bullet journaling  >  planners

0019.  go outside the norm. think of the alternative. reject a "that's the way it's always been" mentality.

0020.  we got our luna girl. she loves socks + cuddles + barking at my hair dryer.

0021.  i am never more awkward than when i am in an elevator.

0022.  lead with love + gentleness. nothing is ever received with a scoffing heart.

0023.  prayer is vital in the life of a believer. it changes things. it changes me.

0024.  rest is essential + biblical.

0025.  "reactive theology is not sound theology."  -phylicia masonheimer 

0026.  jackson thrived in his first year of preschool. it was a big answered prayer for us!

0027.  we took a fun trip to colorado, just the three of us. it was so fun + jackson still talks about it.

0028.  jared + i celebrated six years of marriage. 

0029.  vacuuming is the superior house chore. (not even a chore really; it's therapeutic).

0030.  we had a five-course meal at elderslie farm. i felt fancy. it was expensive. the experience was wonderful.

0031.  magnesium is my new health bestie. and balancing my blood sugar has been the absolute best health advice i have ever received. 

0032.  we bought a lot of plants. we killed several of them. but i think we know what works for our home now.

0033.  "if He can use me, He can use anything."

0034.  when someone constantly points out physical attributes/flaws, it is a better reflection of their own insecurities than the person on the receiving end. 

0035.  i am getting too old to recap my birthdays because the number just keeps getting higher. ;) 

-  i have long thought crumbl cookie was overrated, but then i had the oreo crumbl cookie + OMG. 

-  one of my favorite memories from this summer will be evening swims with our neighbors.

-  why, whyyyyyy, do i always put my hair up in a super cute top knot right before bed?! i could spend half an hour on trying to recreate the same style, and it would never be as cute. 

-  a car next to me was bumping loudly with the bass, and i was highly annoyed. does this mean i can draw social security now?

-  i attended parent orientation at jackson's school this week. i treated myself to a decaf pumpkin spice frapp. 

-  if you're local to ICT, you have to visit clifton collective. such a cute shop with locally-made merchandise. there's a small corner of their shop dedicated to prayer cards; write a prayer + take a prayer. i teared up as i wrote out my prayer + grabbed someone else's. prayer changes things + it changes me. 

-  the medical bill fiasco i mentioned in last week's post has been . . . i don't want to say a blessing, but the things i am learning through this process are so valuable beyond the ins + outs of medical billing. i have more compassion + empathy + understanding. but anything that pushes me toward Jesus is a good thing, so yes- i suppose it's been a "good" hard thing.

-  jared took me to old town for a little birthday weekend shopping trip. we ate delicious food + shopped. 

-  i *think* i am going to write a post on how i bullet journal. i've posted about it before [here + here], but i have changed several things, so an update is in order.  

-  as i am finishing up this blog post, the rain is falling softly, i am curled up in cozy blankets while drinking a pumpkin cold brew, + harry potter is playing in the background. a perfect sunday afternoon, if you ask me. 

-  did you know that when you visit the emergency room, you will be billed by multiple sources? the ER itself, the radiologist who read your ultrasound, and the most surprising of all, the ER physician? did you also know that if the ER physician's billing department misspells your street address, you will never get that bill + 10 months later, you will get a call about an unpaid bill totaling $1,300.00? you might freak outtttt or realize it's going to be okay. (me? i did both, but heavy on the former). it could have ruined my whole evening, heck- my whole week! but then i realized it was never filed through insurance, so i'm hoping it won't be as bad.

-  i ordered a VMP prayer journal for the coming year. i have wanted one for a long time, but couldn't justify $50 for basically a journal. but i finally did it. 

-  earlier this week, i told jared that i felt like the Lord had abandoned me. (i know.) i knew He hadn't, but it felt like He had. once i started to think about it + dig in, i realized it wasn't abandonment at all; it was refinement

-  i started listening to the seven husbands of evelyn hugo on audio. it started out so good, but now it's meh. 

-  august is the official start of fall in my book.

-  i really had the audacity to curl my hair in the august humidity, lol. 

-  i published a page of my favorite newsletters. there are only 3 listed at the moment, but they're good ones.

-  i am slowly updating the blog with current links + such. i came across this post, and it made me happy.

-  i reeeeally want a sling bag. most of the sites i search show men wearing them, but i don't care. it's so functional! lol.

-  pinterest has really been inspiring me lately.

-  i am on the hunt for a new winter coat. all of mine either have holes or are worn out. i am considering this one.

-  if you ever want to cheer me up, make mashed potatoes.

-  we went out on my BIL's boat a couple times this week. it was so peaceful to be on the water as the sun sat. 

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-  i miss blogging. i miss the way it used to be. so i'm attempting to blog my weekly musings again. this may be a one-time thing or i may continue it through the end of the year. social media is so loud right now, + i need a creative outlet away from all the arguing.

-  this podcast episode by allie stucky was wonderful. i really enjoyed the last half where she shares the birth stories of her children. she acknowledges that, yes, birth can be traumatic. and yes, God is sovereign over it all. 

-  i finished "the maidens" on audio this week. it’s pretty good! 4 stars.

-  iced coffee is my jam right now. 

-  odd fact about me: i love when parents post their kids’ first day of school photos! it brings me so much joy + i have no idea why. even before i had my own child, i still loved it. 

-  i had some highlights put in my hair. i am working my way back to blonde. the brunette was fine for a season, but it's time to be blonde again, lol.

-  "push" by matchbox twenty just came on, and i was immediately transported back to high school.

-  i'm sad the olympics are over, but the winter games start in six months, so that's a good consolation. i have fond memories of wearing my roller-skates around the house while i watched kristy yamaguchi in the olympics. 

-  this week marks three years since we moved into our home. still forever grateful.

-  grammar tip of the week: "each other" is two words.

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