35 things in year 35.


0001.  ask questions. ask follow-up questions. just ask.

0002.  it's okay to change your mind. 

0003.  social media breaks are a must. so what if i miss something? life is best lived untethered to my phone.

0004.  i had two more miscarriages this year. that pain never gets easier, but i can say with complete certainty that God is still good. He is faithful + worthy of every bit of my praise, even if all i can muster is a whisper. 

0005.  am i parenting from pride or with purpose?

0006.   a long walk in our neighborhood is good for the soul.

0007.  what feels like abandonment is often refinement or sanctification

0008.  there are better things i can hold in my hand than my phone.

0009.  i can have thoughts + opinions about anything + everything, but i also recognize there is nuance in just about every situation. may i not let my views on freedom issues eclipse empathy for others. 

0010.  i will never regret beginning the day with scripture. (no matter how tired i am.) a relationship with Jesus does not happen if the bible collects dust.

0011.  it took a bit, but i am confident in my mothering abilities. for so long, i compared every single thing to any mother i came in contact with. it was exhausting. but something clicked this year. jackson needs his mom; not a mixture of everyone else’s mom’s opinions. parenting with confidence only happens with the Holy Spirit. 

0012.  i really tried to embrace the winter season. most years, i tend to just endure it, but surviving is not living.

0013.  don't be so afraid to make a mistake that you don't make a decision.

0014.  emergency room physicians bill separately from the hospital.

0015.  create. even if it's for five minutes.

0016.  it's okay to plan + prepare, but be fluid.

0017.  i dyed my hair brunette. it was fun for a minute, but it feels good to be blonde again.

0018.  bullet journaling  >  planners

0019.  go outside the norm. think of the alternative. reject a "that's the way it's always been" mentality.

0020.  we got our luna girl. she loves socks + cuddles + barking at my hair dryer.

0021.  i am never more awkward than when i am in an elevator.

0022.  lead with love + gentleness. nothing is ever received with a scoffing heart.

0023.  prayer is vital in the life of a believer. it changes things. it changes me.

0024.  rest is essential + biblical.

0025.  "reactive theology is not sound theology."  -phylicia masonheimer 

0026.  jackson thrived in his first year of preschool. it was a big answered prayer for us!

0027.  we took a fun trip to colorado, just the three of us. it was so fun + jackson still talks about it.

0028.  jared + i celebrated six years of marriage. 

0029.  vacuuming is the superior house chore. (not even a chore really; it's therapeutic).

0030.  we had a five-course meal at elderslie farm. i felt fancy. it was expensive. the experience was wonderful.

0031.  magnesium is my new health bestie. and balancing my blood sugar has been the absolute best health advice i have ever received. 

0032.  we bought a lot of plants. we killed several of them. but i think we know what works for our home now.

0033.  "if He can use me, He can use anything."

0034.  when someone constantly points out physical attributes/flaws, it is a better reflection of their own insecurities than the person on the receiving end. 

0035.  i am getting too old to recap my birthdays because the number just keeps getting higher. ;) 


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