what i'm about to type may come as a shock [or blaspheme] to those who know my passion for planners.

i do not use a planner anymore.

this is a crazy statement. never did i think those words would form a sentence from my mouth, but it is true. i haven't touched a planner in weeks. at the beginning of july, i started keeping a bullet journal. [i highly suggest watching the video.]

i started this daily practice because i needed a way to get everything out of my head throughout the day. a planner doesn't really allot for that purpose, so i was always dissatisfied with the layouts. then i stumbled upon the bullet journal website and now those planners are collecting dust.


i have several sections throughout the bullet journal:

DAILIES  //  there are twelve of these pages. [one for every month of the year.] i use this space to write one line about each day of the month. 

MONTHLIES  //  this page is designated for goals and lessons learned throughout the month. 

WEEKLIES  //  [aka: my favorite pages] these are where i document my weeks. i use this space to write tasks, quotes, scripture, happy lists, funny happenings, and adventures. 

BILLS  //  these two pages are for our monthly bills. i have each payee listed along with the due date and amount due. 


like in the video, i numbered my pages and created a key. 
square = task
heart = something happy
triangle = events, happenings
star = notes, scripture, quotes, funnies, etc.

what i like most about this system is that it is highly customizable. i plan to adjust these pages as i go and add more sections. this bullet journal is the best idea ever. okay, maybe not ever, but it sure gives me all the heart eyes every time i pull it out of my purse. 

 this is my pretty bullet journal. it's a moleskine. i use the dotted version, which is great because it gives me a slight guide to keep my lines straight, but doesn't overwhelm the page when i want to get outside the box. 



 a portion of a WEEKLIES page.

 i add fun things to the left side of the page. ticket stubs, polaroids. washi tape, drawings, one-liners. post-its. i do this because the moleskine journal pages are so thin that i can't write on the back. [well - i could, but my perfectionist self cannot handle the ink bleeding through the pages.]  

another WEEKLIES page


over the course of two months, i had seven migraines. before this period of time, i don't think i've had seven migraines in my entire life. to say i was frustrated was an understatement. i felt so utterly helpless, wondering if the rest of my days would be spent in pain and on meds. and then a lightbulb finally went off in my head [after husband finally convinced me, that is] and i realized it was the birth control i've been taking. i stopped taking it, and so far i have been migraine-free. PRAISE THE LORD!


i'm going to be real with y'all  - i haven't posted a lot on instagram lately because i don't have any recent 'pretty' pictures to post. while there is nothing wrong with curating a cohesive and aesthetically appealing IG account, i ventured into a strange notion that posting snippets from my everyday life would cause others to jump ship. guys - i was concerned about losing followers. so lame. so petty. blahhhhhhh. when did i get this notion that i had to post only pretty nature photos? when did i put so much pressure on myself to have the 'perfect' photos? that's silly and exhausting.


jared and i will be married four months on monday. what the what?! i feel like i've known him my whole life instead of just six months. marrying him was one of the best decisions i have ever (and will ever) made in my life. i am learning so much through our marriage and about myself in this season of life. it's incredible and crazy and better than i imagined it to be.


one of my goals for next month is to blog at least twice a week. i don't have any topics in mind, but i know i just needs to get my creative juices flowing. i started a bullet journal, and i cannot wait to share it. it has changed the way i plan. truth be told - i don't use a planner anymore. at all. ever. my bullet journal is that awesome.

-  beautiful flowers on the edge of the lake.
-  three months of marriage with that handsome husband of mine!
-  sunset at the lake.
-  oh, scooter's. you know the way to my heart.
-  our new favorite coffee shop, verita.
-  chai latte with a shot of espresso.
-  taken the day we moved in. oh, those hardwood floors make me have all the heart eyes.
-  when i married jared, i got a dog in the deal. tyler is the best!


//  starting my new job at the credit union. gosh, this was an answered prayer!
//  going to the zoo because jared knew i would love the penguins.
//  getting glare-resistant glasses due to migraines. i'm nerdy-chic, y'all!
//  jared and i made the decision to start eating better and working out.
//  bbqs with good friends.
//  started a 'dailies' notebook. [i cannot wait to share this.]
//  moving into our house and making it a home.
//  celebrated husband's 31st birthday. gosh, i love him!

MOVIES  //  TV  //  MUSIC  //  BOOKS

jurassic world  >>  i remember walking out of the theater and thinking, "so. awesome."
x-men: days of future past  >>  i've never watched the x-men movies. i'm a fan now.

rules of engagement  >>  this show is hilarious!

touch the sky  >>  hillsong united
shut up and dance  >>  walk the moon
forever  >>  kari jobe  [that entire album!]

ha, what's a book? what is this 'reading' people speak of? kidding. i might start the harry potter series again. truth is that i am so busy lately. and i laugh at those times i've said that before. umm, no. i was not busy then. HA! but working a 'real' job now, working 40 actual hours as opposed to four days a week leaves little time for reading.


well, well, well. after weeks of adding "write a blog post" to my to-do list, i can finally check it off. HA! this month was insane. i mean, the last six months of my life have been nothing short of insanity, but june was full of it. new job. new home. challenges with migraines. ahhhhh. i look back though and see God's divine fingerprints woven into the days and moments. i came home and cried into jared's arms after work because i had already suffered three migraines in ten days. the lights at work are so bright. and you know what he did? took me to the eye doctor RIGHT THEN. [reason #34 why i love living less than one minute from the mall + reason #153982 why i love that husband of mine.]

as i re-play the month of june in my head, i see an overwhelming theme of grace in every aspect of my life. in my faith. in my marriage. in my relationships. in my job. in my friendships. in every little thing. it makes my heart want to burst out of my chest when i think about all the blessings in my life.