what i'm about to type may come as a shock [or blaspheme] to those who know my passion for planners.

i do not use a planner anymore.

this is a crazy statement. never did i think those words would form a sentence from my mouth, but it is true. i haven't touched a planner in weeks. at the beginning of july, i started keeping a bullet journal. [i highly suggest watching the video.]

i started this daily practice because i needed a way to get everything out of my head throughout the day. a planner doesn't really allot for that purpose, so i was always dissatisfied with the layouts. then i stumbled upon the bullet journal website and now those planners are collecting dust.


i have several sections throughout the bullet journal:

DAILIES  //  there are twelve of these pages. [one for every month of the year.] i use this space to write one line about each day of the month. 

MONTHLIES  //  this page is designated for goals and lessons learned throughout the month. 

WEEKLIES  //  [aka: my favorite pages] these are where i document my weeks. i use this space to write tasks, quotes, scripture, happy lists, funny happenings, and adventures. 

BILLS  //  these two pages are for our monthly bills. i have each payee listed along with the due date and amount due. 


like in the video, i numbered my pages and created a key. 
square = task
heart = something happy
triangle = events, happenings
star = notes, scripture, quotes, funnies, etc.

what i like most about this system is that it is highly customizable. i plan to adjust these pages as i go and add more sections. this bullet journal is the best idea ever. okay, maybe not ever, but it sure gives me all the heart eyes every time i pull it out of my purse. 

 this is my pretty bullet journal. it's a moleskine. i use the dotted version, which is great because it gives me a slight guide to keep my lines straight, but doesn't overwhelm the page when i want to get outside the box. 



 a portion of a WEEKLIES page.

 i add fun things to the left side of the page. ticket stubs, polaroids. washi tape, drawings, one-liners. post-its. i do this because the moleskine journal pages are so thin that i can't write on the back. [well - i could, but my perfectionist self cannot handle the ink bleeding through the pages.]  

another WEEKLIES page


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