life lately.


over the course of two months, i had seven migraines. before this period of time, i don't think i've had seven migraines in my entire life. to say i was frustrated was an understatement. i felt so utterly helpless, wondering if the rest of my days would be spent in pain and on meds. and then a lightbulb finally went off in my head [after husband finally convinced me, that is] and i realized it was the birth control i've been taking. i stopped taking it, and so far i have been migraine-free. PRAISE THE LORD!


i'm going to be real with y'all  - i haven't posted a lot on instagram lately because i don't have any recent 'pretty' pictures to post. while there is nothing wrong with curating a cohesive and aesthetically appealing IG account, i ventured into a strange notion that posting snippets from my everyday life would cause others to jump ship. guys - i was concerned about losing followers. so lame. so petty. blahhhhhhh. when did i get this notion that i had to post only pretty nature photos? when did i put so much pressure on myself to have the 'perfect' photos? that's silly and exhausting.


jared and i will be married four months on monday. what the what?! i feel like i've known him my whole life instead of just six months. marrying him was one of the best decisions i have ever (and will ever) made in my life. i am learning so much through our marriage and about myself in this season of life. it's incredible and crazy and better than i imagined it to be.


one of my goals for next month is to blog at least twice a week. i don't have any topics in mind, but i know i just needs to get my creative juices flowing. i started a bullet journal, and i cannot wait to share it. it has changed the way i plan. truth be told - i don't use a planner anymore. at all. ever. my bullet journal is that awesome.


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