Sunday, January 26, 2020

cookie dough bread + a penguin

-  i shared a lot of words about grocery shopping. and this week, jared + i sat down and made a meal plan + a list for the store. we bought the majority of our food at aldi and several other items at walmart marketplace, and we spent $130!

-  my computer mouse went out at work, and they brought me a new one. it's silent mouse, meaning when i'm clicking it, there's not an annoying click-click-click sound. it is revolutionary.

-  i am super excited to make this cookie dough bread. (and look at this cookie dough CAKE.)

-  y'all- i survived jackson's first stomach bug. now jared has it. looks like i'm next?

-  okay, dude readers. skip the next sentence. trust me.

-  does anyone has experience with period cups? if so, let ya girl know.

-  okay, fellas. we're back to talking about things that won't make you squirm or run away.

-  i walked the halls at work with a penguin.

-  we made this pork chop recipe this week, and it was so good!

-  week four of my 2020 in photos.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

grocery shopping.

last weekend, i shared about our grocery trip on instagram. what was supposed to be on the lower side of what we normally spend ended up being over $200. two hundred dollars. for food + essentials. it's bananas to think about. (see what i did there? a food pun.)

since sharing, i have had several great conversations about how other people budget + shop for groceries. (some are in my insta highlights if you're interested!) in my quest for developing a grocery plan, i have learned some valuable tips + lessons + information.

i need to stop right here and explain myself a little. (i rarely feel the need to do so, but in this instance, context is important.) i never in my life have had a grocery budget. i've never even had an actual budget for any of my income. up until jared + i were married, i lived with my parents, so they bought the majority of food. i would buy all the fun stuff, like makeup + toiletries + new items. (*remember this.)

fast forward to the day jared + i got back from vegas after eloping. we went grocery shopping right after the plane landed since jared had to go back to work the next day. he said this to me, and it has been something we joke about still to this day: "i usually spend $60 on myself, so we can probably spend $80 for the both of us, right?" now hear me when i say this: i was on a post-elopement high from the previous two days. i didn't really care about anything like groceries at that moment, so i was like suuuuure! (please, please tease him about this for all the rest of our days.)

three weeks later, i finally had to tell jared, I AM HUNGRY. i know this sounds so silly. why didn't i just say something? again - post-marriage bliss. i was still blissful, but i was also starving.

over the following years, i would come to loathe grocery shopping. but then - FINALLY - i had this realization last year, and it changed my shopping habits forever: i am the type of person that looooooooves to try a new product when it comes out in stores. so there i was, filling up my cart with mug cake mixes + kombucha + snacks, but i wouldn't ever actually buy essentials. (*see the correlation? all fun, no logic. lolz.)

some changes i've made + new ideas i want to implement:

-  use what is already in the pantry/cabinets. i am so, so bad at this! but just this week, i made an effort to look at what i had before deciding i need more. i have several bottles of shampoo + body wash that i put under the cabinet because i wanted to try the new one i purchased. (*again- i love trying out new products!) i plan to use all of those up before even thinking about buying more. same goes for makeup. i have been using up all my powders that had just a liiiiittle bit left in the compact, and i have stretched them out for over a week! small changes add up to less money spent.

-  stop buying pre-packaged goods i can make on my own. growing up, one of the things i remember doing alllll the time was grating cheese before we sat down for dinner. i started buying shredded cheese after i got married, and it's silly + grated block cheese is 1000 times better anyway. this goes for other things, too. i never, ever buy pre-cut fruit, but i can stop buying things like expensive "healthy" cookies and making my own. [like these banana cookies.]

-  look at the weekly sales for good deals. i don't know how much i will do this, but if it's an item that has a really good sale (meat, BOGO, essentials, etc.), then i can save a few bucks. again- those small things add up!

-  make a master list of meals. i started writing down meal ideas in a notebook that i can refer to when making a meal plan for the week. this will cut down on decision making, which is one of my pain points in the process of grocery shopping.

-  use ibotta for cash moneyyyyy. it takes five minutes to find the items i've purchased + then add a photo of my receipt. they are literally paying me to do it. [here is my affiliate link if you're interested.]

-  meal prep my breakfasts. i usually eat a perfect bar for breakfast each morning, which adds up to $13 a week. if i make these energy bites or this oatmeal bake, it's so much cheaper!

-  utilize my instant pot. the best invention ever!

-  calm down at trader joe's. LOL. i was spending $60 weekly on - you guessed it - new-to-me products! but this week, i needed three things + i actually stuck to it. my total was $8. EIGHT DOLLARS. not going to lie, i was reeeeeeally proud of myself.

-  make a list before i go shopping. i need structure or i'm just going to end up with random things that won't go very far.


that was a lot of words about grocery shopping. if you have any tips or tricks, let me know!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

grocery shopping + eyeliner + the good list

-  i bought a hot chocolate mix recently. i could never get it all mixed up very well. i had the bright idea to put it all in my magic bullet before i heated it up, and i am convinced it's my most brilliant idea ever. (this is not a new idea, i realize. i'm just proud of myself.) it was so creamy + frothy + i topped it with these marshmallows.

-  i finished another audiobook this week. (affiliate link)

-  i bought a new planner for the year, and (like most people) i started out the first week doing great, but after the second or third week, it has sat untouched, no writings for days. then i remembered that the pages of my planner can be taken out and put back in! now i have the week's spread sitting next to me at my desk while i work, and it has been a game-changer! (also- please know that i loathe the stupid phrases throughout the planner, but the layout is the reason i bought it.)

-  walmart didn't have the eyeliner i needed, so they substituted it for a waterproof one. i decided to accept it, and now i am so glad i did! i will be buying waterproof eyeliner from now on. (i use this eye makeup remover.)

-  speaking of walmart- we bought groceries on saturday and spent almost $200. two hundred flippin' dollars on FOOD. i took to instagram to ask everyone how much they spend on groceries every week. we definitely spend above average than most of those who responded. one of my goals for this year is to get a grocery budget in place, so this was an eye-opener to the changes we can make. (i welcome any + all tips for grocery shopping.)

-  tsh released her new podcast, the good list. each week, she shares short episodes about stuff she's loving lately.

-  remember that puzzle i linked in last week's recap post? i found it at the mall this week for half off!

-  week three of my 2020 in photos.

week three // my 2020 in photos

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day nineteen

Sunday, January 12, 2020

puzzles + an audiobook + a big boy bed.

-  i am slowly becoming a tea drinker. (if you have a favorite, let me know!)

-  jackson got a big boy bed this week. i really hadn't given it a second thought until i tucked him in bed. as i turned around to shut the door, i glanced back at him. my chest tightened up. tears filled my eyes. my baby is becoming a big boy, and it made me a little sad.

-  i completed a puzzle over the holidays, and now i want to quit my job + do puzzles all day + drink coffee. this state flower stamp puzzle looks fun + so does this retro kitchen puzzle.

-  i started this audiobook this week + finished it on saturday. i forget how much i love listening to books.

-  we went to homegrown after church on sunday morning, and the honey bee latte was life changing.

-  i am working my way through this two year bible plan.

-  my parents gifted me an instant pot for christmas. i made shredded chicken for tacos, and it only took 20 minutes! i am so excited because now when i get home from work, i can make dinner quickly. (if you have any favorite IP recipes, send them my way!)

-  i mentioned in last week's post that i was slowly de-cluttering working my way through our entire house. this week, i cleaned our linen cabinet, the refrigerator, + one of our kitchen cabinets.

-  i was uncharacteristically hoping for snow this weekend, and we only got a trace. such a bummer.

-  uncharacteristically is a really long word.

-  we took down our christmas tree this week. we usually leave our trees up until late january, but since we got our new dining room table, i was eager to get the space back to normal.

week two // my 2020 in photos.

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

the great purge + a 2020 goal + baked goods.

-  this week, i started what i've jokingly deemed the great purge. i started with my clothes + shoes. next will be jackson's clothes + toys, followed by the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. little by little, i hope to go through each area of our home and rid our space of the excess.

-  little lion cafe is one of my favorite spots in wichita right now.

-  one of my goals for this year is to take a photo each day of the year. i am challenging myself to take the photo horizontally, since all my photos are vertical. i am trying to decide how to share the photos. i'm thinking weekly on the blog.

-  these oatmeal whoopie pies look so good! (minus the raisins because EW.)

-  unpopular opinion: nuts + raisins do not belong in baked goods. and the corner slices of brownies belong in the trash.

-  we welcomed the new year by sleeping. lolz. jared + i both were fighting colds all week, so he was asleep by nine + me by eleven. that's okay though. we woke up the next morning and drank coffee together.

week one // my 2020 in photos.

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