cookie dough bread + a penguin

-  i shared a lot of words about grocery shopping. and this week, jared + i sat down and made a meal plan + a list for the store. we bought the majority of our food at aldi and several other items at walmart marketplace, and we spent $130!

-  my computer mouse went out at work, and they brought me a new one. it's silent mouse, meaning when i'm clicking it, there's not an annoying click-click-click sound. it is revolutionary.

-  i am super excited to make this cookie dough bread. (and look at this cookie dough CAKE.)

-  y'all- i survived jackson's first stomach bug. now jared has it. looks like i'm next?

-  okay, dude readers. skip the next sentence. trust me.

-  does anyone has experience with period cups? if so, let ya girl know.

-  okay, fellas. we're back to talking about things that won't make you squirm or run away.

-  i walked the halls at work with a penguin.

-  we made this pork chop recipe this week, and it was so good!

-  week four of my 2020 in photos.


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