EATING  //  pineapple. watermelon. grapes. so much fruit, but it's refreshing and better than the crap i've been putting in my body lately.

WATCHING  //  the final season of gilmore girls. ahhhhh, i don't want it to end.

READING  //  my current favorite blogs at the moment are my favorite adventure, mr. thomas and me, & jess connolly. these voices are authentic, real, and don't give me tips on how to do this & that so they can gain followers and high page views.

SIPPING  //  a hot caramel macchiato with a triple shot. vanilla bean frappuccinos with a triple shot are also my jam right now.

WRITING  //  in my bullet journal. every random thought + idea + happy note + everything in between is recorded in that notebook. it's the best system i have ever tried!

PINNING  //  all things related to bullet journaling. good quotes like this + this + this. all the fall things.

MAKING ME HAPPY  //  good coffee & deep convos with hubs. gilmore girls. autumn-like weather & cozy sweaters. date night. netflix & warm blankets. bullet journaling. glitter nail polish. sunflowers. driving with the windows down. cuddling with jared. sooner football. saturdays off work. sunday afternoon naps. hilarious talks with mama. twinkling lights. camping & bonfires with friends. mums. rainy mornings.

hiking views. 

i had a bad cold and was struggling during the hike, so my brother-in-law got me a hiking stick. 


hiking with that stud is so much fun. 

hiking up seven falls. 

seven falls. 

breathing in that mountain air. 

14,110 feet high. the most stellar view i've ever witnessed. 

pikes peak. 

pikes peak. 

the balanced rock.  

that light is dreamy against the rocks. 

 garden of the gods was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

vacay pose! 

it was forty degrees on top of pikes peak!  

climbing rocks at garden of the gods. 

cave of the winds.  

so thankful for a husband who takes me on a trip just to celebrate my birthday!