Monday, April 23, 2018

we are insane, part deux.

remember when we decided to sell our house when jackson was just days old?
well... we are insane - again.

over the weekend, we packed up our house and moved in with my sister-in-law + her family. again.

long story short- a house has become available in an area of wichita [maize] that we have always wanted to live. and even better? it's on the same block as my sister-in-law's house. [this means that moving will be a little easier!] the housing market it pretty good right now, but we went an extra step and moved out of our current home so that potential buyers can see it without all our stuff.

the house we will eventually buy currently has occupants, but they are expected to move out once they find a house. we took a gamble with moving out of our current house because a) what if it doesn't sell? and b) the tenants of the home we want to buy still haven't found a home. BUT. that's where faith comes in. we know that God can work things out for our good. He's proven that with jared's work situation this year. [and so many other times. i could list a million little ways He's provided + made a way in our lives lately!]

so the next few months will be filled with prayers + enjoying our time together. we are okay with however God works everything out. i want to soak in all my free time, even if it's just reading a book! i know every parent says this, but time is flying by. jackson turns ten months old this week. i'm already planning his first birthday party. it's fine. i'm fine

Monday, April 9, 2018

WEEKEND NOTES // volume fourteen.

+  this weekend was jam-packed! i had to work on saturday. we went grocery shopping at aldi and then headed to my favorite mexican restaurant to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. you know what that means? CAKE.

+  after dinner, jared + i took our nieces to the theater to watch a quiet place. that movie was SO good. 

+  when we got home, jared took jackson to his room and as soon as he picked jackson up from his carseat, he laid his head down on jared's shoulder. that image of my baby boy sleeping on his daddy's shoulder is forever ingrained into my mind. my heart burst into a thousand pieces.

+  i've read ten books so far this year, but now i have some sort of book hangover. or maybe it's just indecisiveness. i cannot choose a book to read AT ALL lately. i've went almost two weeks without reading. i wish someone would just make the decision for me! (my favorite genres are fiction, YA, suspense thrillers. here's my to-read list on goodreads.)


this mug is GORGEOUS.

+  flashback to this time last year when i was seven months pregnant!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018



this spring has been on the chilly/dry side, so the only showers around here are the ones i take at night. i recently picked up this shampoo + conditioner from target, and it smells SO good. there have been multiple times a day where i've grabbed a fistful of hair and inhaled. that may sounds weird, but i've never found a scent i loved this much for my hair.


-  healthier habits. i fell into a food rut recently and started feeling the affects of a poor diet. i have started drinking a ton of water as well.

-  april goals with my powersheets.


-  not a baby, that's for sure.

-  the spare bedroom to stay clean for about a week. i finally got it in some order last night, but that room is the catch-all for eeeeeverything. we are storing a lot of jackson's baby items in there for the next baby (again- NOT expecting right now! haha.) so it may never look ordered, but at least there aren't boxes of clothes sitting on the floor.


- a website! a couple of year ago, jared + i dreamed up this idea of a website for our city. we put it on hold when i found out i was pregnant, but now we are back at it! i am so excited to get this project off the ground, but i know it's going to be a lot of work. fun work though.

-  a list of possible topics for tomorrow's #notpolethursdays


-  i have an odd love for vacuuming, and we recently bought this vacuum. we have hardwood floors throughout our home except for the game room, but it works great because it has two settings, one for bare floors, one for carpet.

-  i'm on the hunt for some new basics: v-necks, a new pair of black pants for work, and a new pair of jeans. my post-baby style is pretty similar to my pre-baby style- tee, cardigan, skinnies, and ankle boots/sandals/vans. simple, cute, functional.

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Monday, April 2, 2018

WEEKEND NOTES // volume thirteen.

-  we had a pretty good easter weekend. jared + i both had to work on saturday. when that happens, our weekends tend to feel pretty short, but i only have two more saturdays left this year! we had an easter dinner with his family on saturday evening. jackson had a blast seeing everyone. i didn't get him an easter basket because homeboy isn't going to remember it.

-  you know what i don't have time or metal space for? pretentious moms. #byefelicia

-  i've been keeping a food journal lately to see if there's any correlation between my diet + the migraines i've been having. i still think they're related to my hormones, but it can't hurt to see if something i'm eating triggers them. i've also been drinking so. much. water. that i've been having to get up to go pee during the night. it's like i'm pregnant again. [I AM NOT THOUGH.]

-  i am so thankful for the people in our lives who have helped out with jackson. it truly takes a village. life will change a lot when jared goes back on first shift, and we are so excited! when i look back on the first six months of jackson's life, i feel proud of the transition + growth during those times by myself.


+  i was listening to this episode of the coffee + crumbs podcast about social media recently, and it really challenged me. i've been mulling over this thought all weekend: when i look back at my life when i'm eighty, what i'll remember are the memories with my people, not likes + comments + followers + such.

when love feels heavy. //  this article left me sobbing. goodness.

+  hulu is making a limited series of little fires everywhere!

Saturday, March 31, 2018



-  two words: spring blooms.

-  jared + i celebrated three years of marriage.

-  i read three books:  still life  |  beartown  |  the hate u give

-  we bought a camper! after a couple years of borrowing our in-laws' campers, we finally decided to buy our own. we took it out to cheney lake and had so much fun. jackson did great! i was a little nervous because the last time we camped with him, he didn't do so great. (he was also only two months old, and we didn't know about his dairy intolerance as of yet.) he loved playing on the bunk bed and looking at all the nature around us.

-  jackson turned nine months old! he started pulling up, repeating dada, and is getting two teeth.


+  sometimes it's not worth trying to defend yourself to people who are oblivious to reality. i struggled a lot with a situation at work this month. i always thought i would retire from this job, but now i'm not so sure anymore.

+  i have only been reading books that i really, really want to read. i don't enjoy reading the classics. and hey- that's okay! i used to think i had to read those books, but i am having a really rebellious attitude lately in regards to expectations placed on me from society/people/etc. i don't want to look back on my life and see the wasted time of reading book genres i don't enjoy.

+  at the beginning of each week, i make a list of everything i need/want to do that week. i may not accomplish each + every task, but it's out of my brain and on paper as a reminder.

+  make a happy list when life isn't so happy.



 weekend notes:  9  |  10  |  11  |  12 

Friday, March 30, 2018


+  since having a baby, reading was something i reeeeally wanted to get back into, but it was hard to get to the library to pick out books. i discovered that you can check out books on your kindle, and this has helped my book reading life SO much! i've finished 10 books so far this year. [i only read 3 books last year.] check with your local library to see if they offer digital downloads. it's free + i don't have to worry about late fees.

+  tax season is almost over! 2.5 weeks left, y'all.

+  i recently bought this shampoo + conditioner from target. it smells SO GOOD. i've caught myself sniffing my hair throughout the day, which isn't weird if you knew how delightful this scent is, guys. [i also love this toner.]

+  there's a poll in my instastories. we are discussing what you call pepsi/DP/coke:  pop or soda? head on over to my stories to cast your vote!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

three years.

as the plane took off, i gripped his arm so tightly that he looked at me with wide eyes.

"are you scared?" he asked.
"i'm terrified of planes." i replied.

he didn't know that about me. granted there was a lot he didn't yet know about me. we had only known each other for two months before boarding that plane for las vegas. most people would freak out because they were about to commit their life to a person they'd only known for sixty days, but there i was losing my mind over the fact that every single bit of turbulence meant we were probably crashing to our deaths.

it's been three years since we eloped.
three years of choosing him every single day.
three years of loving him - all the parts of him.

even his messiness.
i'm like FEMA cleaning up after hurricane jared. 

one thousand ninety-six days of marriage.
i've learned so much about him. about me. about us.

he loved me through the hardest month of my life after our son was born.
he makes me coffee every morning. he makes up jingles for eeeeeverything.
i could list all the things and all the ways he's loved me, but i would be writing for days.

i love you, babe.
thank you for choosing me.