Wednesday, April 19, 2017

pregnancy: month seven.

DUE DATE:  june 22
WEEKS:  27 - 30
GENDER:  boy!


burn, baby, burn.  oh, lovely heartburn. though it's not terrible, it creeps up throughout the day. i feel like there's acid just sitting in my throat. gross.

swollen feet.  funny story: i was sitting in my co-worker's office chatting about whatnot, when i looked down at my foot. i thought to myself, "where is my ankle bone?" i then proceeded to have a minor freak-out session because i didn't even recognize my own feet due to the swelling. we all got a good laugh out of it. :)


baked potatoes. this has been a constant throughout my pregnancy.
ice cream. this has been a constant throughout my life.


baby boy moves a lot! it's my favorite part of pregnancy for sure. it's so cute [and a little uncomfortable at times] when i roll over in bed, he adjusts, too. such a little wiggle worm. :)


what's that? ha, kidding. sleeping is decent, but getting comfortable to go to sleep is another story. i don't have as much insomnia as last month, but it's just uncomfortable sometimes.


i have a small rotation of maternity shirts + pants i wear. i still wear my old t-shirts around the house and to bed. no doubt the belly section is totally stretched out in them now. i am trying to finish out the rest of my pregnancy without buying anything else. so far, so good!


holding him. seeing what he looks like. more kicks because i know i'll miss it after he's born.

Friday, April 14, 2017

weekly musings || 4.14

-  i am 30 weeks! oh, mylanta. the third trimester is flying by.

-  i passed my glucose test! initial results were high, but after some testing, i'm all good. PRAISE THE LORD!

-  adding shredded cheese to ramen noodles makes them ten times better!

-  i ordered this journal recently + cannot wait to start using it.

-  i have finally decided on a dinosaur theme for baby boy's nursery.

-  i get offended when they don't cut/bite into the food at the end of FB food/recipe videos.

-  the weather this week is stellar. mild seventies with lots of sunshine. 

-  my baby shower was this past weekend. i got to see my mama + soul sistah + i had so much fun!

four things Jesus didn't die for.

-  i know it's going to be a good day when my co-worker brings donuts to work.

-  making grunting sounds when getting up/rolling over/basically moving are part of my daily life right now.

this post popped up on my timehop this am. still relevant three years later. 

-  i ate cake twice this weekend, and i have leftover cake in the fridge, so you could say i'm winning at life.

-  i've accepted the fact that by the end of the day, i start to waddle a bit. jared calls me his little duck. ha!

-  i wish i loved la croix like everyone else does. it looks so delicious, but tastes like death. just me? ok.

Friday, March 31, 2017

weekly musings || 3.31

-  jared + i celebrated two years of marriage this week! i sure do love that guy.

-  i finished harry potter and the cursed child. five stars!

-  my brother-in-law fixed my macbook! i am so excited to get back to blogging + netflix.

-  i fell asleep to the storms on tuesday night + it was glorious.

-  i have discovered the greatest thing, you guys: the cookie dough cafe. you're welcome.

-  did you know there's such a thing as gluten-free toothpaste? i mean . . . why?

-  i may give birth before april the giraffe does.

-  italy is weighing a law granting paid menstrual leave for cramps. i find this a little ridiculous, actually. 

leslie knope just gets me.

-  small moments i'm learning to embrace despite hating second shift: jared makes me coffee in the mornings.

-  i've found comfort in 2 timothy 1:7 lately. when i'm feeling anxious or worried, i repeat this verse to myself.

on the blog this weeka month in review:  march 2017  ||  powersheets check-in: Q1  ||  t w o  

a month in review // march 2017

a baby bump, spring blooms, maple donut, more blooms, baby boy, even more blooms, ice cream + HP, milo bean, camping



//  i left work early on a beautiful spring friday afternoon to walk around botanica.

//  we took our first camping trip of the season. we stayed at cheney lake two nights with my sister-in-law and her family. it was so much fun to relax + spend time with jared's family. i took way too many photos of flowers + went on a photo walk with my niece.

//  i started my fourth bullet journal!

//  i dropped my very expensive macbook. [insert crying emoji] but i'm so thankful for a husband who immediately looks up how to fix it + orders the parts. he is the best, i tell ya. i am also super thankful for a tech-savvy brother-in-law who fixed it for free!

//  jared + i randomly stopped by paradise donuts after church one sunday afternoon. YOU GUYS. i got donut holes because... why wouldn't i? they're freaking donut holes. it was SO good. they sell coffee from one of our favorite local spots, too. we found a new saturday morning chill spot! as we were pulling out of the parking lot, jared asked if i had saved any for our friends. "umm, there are two left, so..." he couldn't believe how fast i inhaled those donut holes. hahahaha!

// since jared started a new shift at work, we spent an entire saturday adventuring around wichita to celebrate our anniversary. we started the morning slowly. we slept in + enjoyed a cup of coffee in the living room. we had lunch at sweet basil + watched the new power rangers movie. we ended the evening cuddling in bed until we fell asleep.


::  chill with bob ross on netflix is so mesmerizing + relaxing.

::  cleaning/de-cluttering while listening to a podcast is a great combination. one of my biggest goals for this year is to purge our home of all the stuff. you know what i mean- the "maybe i'll use this sometime" junk that never actually gets use. or the things stored because it was a gift or whatnot. i'm tired of holding onto material things that have no value. we are also trying to make room for another human, so there's that.

::  new market square on a saturday afternoon is ridiculous.

::  jess connolly was talking about how she visits three different grocery stores each week. i found that crazy, but she [and lots of her followers] said it saves money. i convinced jared to try it once, but instead of three, we would go to aldis and dillons. we normally spend between $90 - $120 on groceries each week. between the two grocery stores, we spent about $120, but you guys- we got a lot more food than normal. so now i'm all about that shop-at-multiple-grocery-stores life. [until i have the baby. then- ha. no.]

::  there is something therapeutic about documenting the everyday happenings of my life. i don't record every. single. detail. but i note funny occurrences, quotes, scripture, random adventures, thoughts, happenings, goals, dreams, to-do's, etc.

::  jared started his new shift. it has been a little difficult. i get to see him maybe a total of an hour each day during the weekdays. but i know this is not forever. it's taught us to enjoy the time we have on the weekends. plus he makes me coffee every morning before work, so there are a few good things about this new shift for sure.

::  how i know i'm an adult: waking up at 8:30 is considered "sleeping in" these days.



::  complete baby registries. [target + babies-r-us].  this was overwhelming + fun all at the same time.

::  visit botanica.  i knew i'd accomplish this goal because FLOWERS.  

::  read 1 book.  i finished the new harry potter book/play. it's HP, so i give it no less than five stars!  

::  celebrate 2 years of marriage

::  listen to 3 podcastsone  //  two  //  three 

::  clean up gmail accounts.  i am so happy to open my gmail app and see an empty inbox.  

::  start a new bullet journal.  see my fourth bu-jo here.

::  lent study with amen paper co.  not so much. i'm a little disappointed in this study actually.


::  powersheets check-in.  
::  blog 1 - 2 times each week.  
::  keep up with month-in-review post on the blog.  


::  bible study
::  prayer
::  drink water
::  dailies in life planner
::  little by little

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017 powersheets check-in: first quarter.

i have mentioned powersheets a lot on the blog this year, and i wanted to share how they have impacted my life during these first three months of the year. this is not a sponsored post. i get no compensation for this - i just want to share how awesome this process has been for me in hopes that it will benefit someone else.

for years, i set goals with no purpose. when posting monthly goals on blogs became a thing, i basically blogged them because everyone else was. there was no thought or why behind the goals. i never really completed those goals because there was no purpose behind the drive to accomplish what i set out to do. powersheets help me stay motivated. i see more of the why behind my goals + dreams. i always ask myself, "am i setting this goal with a purpose in mind or just so i can check it off my to-do list at the end of the month?" it keeps me accountable and motivated to live on purpose.

2017 GOALS

when i set my 2017 goals, i filled in all ten boxes. two weeks later, i had this uneasiness about the goals i set. i think my brain saw the empty boxes and felt the need to fill in every single line. i have narrowed my initial ten goals down to six.

JESUS.  more of Him, less of everything else. more time in God's Word. wild worship. daily prayer.

LITTLE BY LITTLE.  daily home tending to keep a tidy home. purge the clutter. 

LOVE + SERVE JARED WELL.  pray for him. cook. find ways to make him smile.

SELF CARE.  drink lots of water + take vitamins. rest. create. read. blog. take lots of photos.

PREPARE FOR THE ARRIVAL OF OUR SON.  complete baby registry. get nursery in order. pray, pray, pray.

COMPLETE A FEW TASKS ON MY 101 IN 1001 LIST. see the list here. i still need to add about 20 more tasks.

what i like about the powersheets - though structured - allow for room + margin. during the next quarter's goals refresh, i may just have one goal for those following three months. [no doubt- it'll be some form of keep newborn alive. haha!] structure + flexibility are opposites, but i'm learning that with the help of my powersheets and prayer, they can live cohesively and complimentary.

here are my tending lists from the first quarter of the year:


i knew january would be one of two months in the year that would see the least amount of action. [the other month is july - because that's when i'll have a newborn, which takes priority. the only goal i'll set that month will be keep the baby alive.] work was insane this month, but i did make progress on a few goals.


i was so motivated in february! i'm learning that i don't have to fill in every line of my powersheets. that would become overwhelming + unnecessary. i've found it also helps to make it pretty with colored pens + stickers. it's silly, but if it works- it works!


march was a good month. i could feel procrastination + excuses start to creep in my everyday life. i cut myself a little bit of slack in the middle of the month because of jared's shift change, but then got back on track. 

Monday, March 27, 2017


on this day - two years ago - i married jared.
we made plans the weekend before to elope in vegas - only telling immediate family + a few friends.
it was sweet + special + intimate + perfect for us.

two years of adventures + laughs + memories + lots of coffee. marrying jared will always be one of the best decisions i've made in this life. as i'm typing this, our son is wiggling around in my tummy, and i'm reminded of all the tearful prayers i prayed during the majority of my twenties as a single lady. i don't take these moments for granted one bit. my God is faithful. happy two years to my love!

Friday, March 24, 2017

weekly musings || 3.24

-  i'm twenty-seven weeks now!

-  jared started the new shift at work this week. we are settling into this new routine fairly well.

-  elevation worship's new album is SO good. fullness is my favorite song.

-  i am so, so thankful i married a man who doesn't snore loudly. we would have to sleep in separate bedrooms.

-  tax season is over in less than a month. i've enjoyed learning, but i'm ready to have my saturdays back.

two years ago yesterday, mama + i were driving all over tulsa trying to find a wedding dress. sweet memories!

-  in my thirty years of life, i have never found ice cream better than braum's chocolate chip cookie dough.

-  if having heartburn means your baby will have lots of hair, then i'm giving birth to a wookie, y'all.

-  there is a possibility that i may have a doula present during the birth of our son. this is a huge blessing!

-  i am so, so obsessed with these ceramic gemstone mugs. i wouldn't actually drink out of them because they are works of art.