Thursday, October 19, 2017

three things you need to know.

-  that mug above describes my life perfectly. and i only paid three dollars for it at hobby lobby.

-  tuesday's episode of this is us was soooo good! and this week's episode of brooklyn nine-nine made me [literally] gasp. (can you tell what i do in the evenings?! that's what happens when your husband works second shift. i also finished a book for the first time in months.)

-  every thursday, i post a poll on my instagram posing a random question. you can weigh in by voting, and then on fridays, i will post the results + my pick as well. head over to my instagram today to cast your vote on two popular foods!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

currently | october 2017

>>  CREATING  <<

::  a fun home office. 
::  cozier home aesthetics.
::  small rhythms + routines.


::  non-dairy everything.
::  favorite n/d ice creams: this + this.
::  almond milk lattes.
::  chips + salsa

>>  WATCHING  <<

::  allllll the instagram stories.  
::  fixer upper
::  can't wait for season two of stranger things!

>>  READING  <<

::  the magnolia journal | the 2017 fall issue
::  big magic - elizabeth gilbert
::  what to say next - julie buxbaum

* i get some of my reading recommendations from here + here. follow them!


::  i just discovered that spotify has podcasts! 
::  i love hearing jared play with jackson when i'm in another room.
::  this song by lindy conant.

>>  CLICKING  <<

::  girl, get back in your circle.  |  jess connolly
::  adventures and failures in clean eating  |  wit + delight
::  hearth + hand with magnolia  |  target
::  the think dirty app.

>>  PLANNING  <<

::  goals for the last (and best!) three months of the year.
::  my first trip to a corn maze!


the coming of fall. setting goals with a purpose. rainy mornings. the 2018 powersheets launch! finding the perfect (and cheap!) home decor. cuddling with jackson in the evenings. the smell of this cleaner. finally making some progress on the bedrooms in our house. almond milk lattes from scooter's. my kindle paperwhite.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

2017 powersheets check-in | Q2 + Q3

i shared about the first quarter of my powersheets earlier this year, and now i want to share the second + third quarters. i almost decided to skip it because, hello- we are on the homestretch of the end of the year, but truth be told, i've been filled with inspiration lately, but mostly because i just want to.


april, may, + june were baby prep months! procrastination did get the best of me at times, but i'll play the pregnancy card on that one. :) here is a recap of my second quarter powersheets:


april was a good month despite all the migraines i had. i didn't make a lot of progress on my goals, but i sure did eat a lot of baked potatoes + cupcakes. [those pregnancy cravings be fierce!] i procrastinated a lot during the month, and i had no excuse other than i was seven months pregnant and had no motivation to do anything but wear maternity leggings + netflix + chill. 


may was my eighth month of pregnancy, but i finally found some motivation! i think i was partially in denial that i was giving birth the next month, but i did manage to finish a few of my goals + to-dos for the month.


the biggest goal of june was giving birth to our son, jackson. 
while it didn't quite go as i had planned, he was healthy + happy + we instantly fell in love.



the third quarter of the year was a doozy, y'all. despite the pain + demands + exhaustion + moving + work + all that comes with having a newborn, i see the good progress of little by little that added up. here is a recap of the third quarter of my 2017 powersheets:


oh, july. this month will go down as one of the hardest months of my life. sleepless nights, recovering from a c-section, crazy hormones, and everything in between. i didn't recognize myself in the mirror. i cried allllll the time. but jared - being the sweet husband he is - gave me no choice on day ten of my hormonal/emotional/hot mess: his mom was coming over to watch jackson while i showered and took an hour to myself. that was all it took to snap out of those baby blues. in the middle of the month, i picked up my powersheets with full intentions of setting a few goals, but decided to just take each day moment by moment. [and then there was that small feat of buying a house. with a newborn. yep- we are insane!]


august was a big month - we bought a new house, moved, i started back to work full time, and jackson turned two months old! as you can see, i found some motivation, somewhere. haha! this was the month we discovered jackson's dairy intolerance, so i finally had moments where he would sleep for longer than fifteen minutes, and i could get little things accomplished! [laundry, unpacking boxes, etc.]


september brought new routines + rhythms, which gave me time to set good goals + make progress. i didn't get to work on my fall prep, but i'm saving that for october since it's finally starting to feel like fall. one of my biggest goals this month was to go thru every piece of clothing item i own, and either keep, trash, donate, or sell. since becoming a mom, my style has changed a bit, so there are lots of clothes that i won't ever wear again. i cannot hang onto things "just in case" anymore. too much clutter drives me bananas these days. i also got caught up at work, which feels SO good!

whew! if you've made it this far, go buy yourself a treat. haha! i am going to blog the final three months' powersheets with each monthly recap, so stay tuned for those at the end of each month. and the new 2018 powersheets go on sale on october 25th! i've saved my birthday money so i can buy a set of powersheets + a sticker book! [i want to add that i get no compensation for this post. i'm just incredibly passionate about this product + lara's mission to set good, purposeful goals!]

Monday, October 2, 2017

a month in review // september 2017

delicious cocowhip  //  pretty flowers  //  flamingos at the okc zoo
chop, chop  //  delicious coffee  //  family photo in the car
hey fall  //  i have a three month old!  //  tried a new coffee shop in stillwater


//  i haven't had a major haircut in over a decade, so it was time for a change.

//  jackson turned three months old!

//  i took some old clothes to a consignment shop for the first time. i made $25!

//  jared + i dropped jackson off with my parents and had a fun day trip in OKC.

//  started watching fixer upper + fell in love with all things related to the magnolia market.


::  it seemed like i was always stressfully rushing around every morning before work. i finally decided to wake up no later than 7am, and it has made all the difference. i can nurse jackson, and he snoozes while i get dressed and ready for the day.

::  i just really don't like wearing shoes. once i get to work or get home, i immediately kick my shoes off + put on a pair of socks. maybe it's because i'm still wearing the sandals that i wore at the end of my pregnancy. they stretched out a lot, so maybe it's time to look for a cute pair of fall booties.

::  after three months, i finally decided to weigh myself. i'm only fifteen pounds over my pre-baby weight. holla! i gained forty pounds during pregnancy. when i look at my postpartum body, i am proud. while i'm not actively trying to lose the rest of the baby weight, i am starting to be more conscious of what i put in my body since going dairy-free.

::  date nights are crucial now that jared is back on second shift. we don't see each other a lot during the week, so we are super grateful for our families who are always willing to watch jackson while we go out and get coffee or dinner.


-  catch up at work
-  go through every piece of clothing item i own: keep, trash, donate, sell.
-  take unwanted clothing to uptown cheapskate.

-  blog one to two times a week
-  work on organizing the house
-  keep up with medical bills

-  prayer
-  water
-  10-15 minutes of "me time"

Thursday, September 28, 2017

three things you need to know.

1.  i get all the hype over fixer upper.  i started watching fixer upper last week, and now i totally understand why they are loved by millions. chip + joanna are so fun, and i'm inspired with each episode. i cannot wait to get my hands on their magazine and book! i came home one day for lunch to find jackson watching fixer upper while jared was cleaning. so cute!

2.  dairy-free cake is da bomb.  i bought this organic chocolate cake at natural grocers last weekend. i nook it until it's deliciously warm and then top it off with coconut whipped cream. it's so decadent. i will definitely still eat this long after i can eat dairy again.

3.  everything can wait when you have a cuddly baby.  jared took a half day off yesterday, and i snapped this photo as i was waiting for him to get home. he brought me a latte, and i sipped on it while nursing jackson. i had a few house tending items i wanted to finish, but jackson fell asleep in my arms, and i decided it could all wait because he will not be this little forever.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

coming back to me.

"i did not feel like ME after having my firstborn, but it's been the most beautiful journey
 coming back to me and learning who i really am through motherhood."  

i feel those words deep down in my soul. those twenty-nine words strung together perfectly sum up the last two months of my life. motherhood is one of the best experiences, but goodness- it rocked my world in the beginning. there were many moments in those first few weeks that i didn't recognize the girl looking back at me in the mirror. it was more than the physical changes + exhausted eyes. i didn't really know who i was anymore. but - as chrissy so poignantly said - it has been a beautiful journey to re-discover who i am now.

for weeks, i was a typical new mom: uptight about every little thing pertaining to jackson. not willing to accept help because i felt the need to show everyone i could do it all. worrying about the what ifs and should haves. gah, i was a hot mess, y'all. after days of tears + no sleep, jared gave me no choice: his mom was coming over to watch jackson while i showered, brushed my hair, and took a few minutes to myself. not only did that snap me out of those postpartum baby blues, it opened my eyes to the importance of self-care.

i chopped six+ inches of hair off last night. it was a symbolic way of getting rid of the dead stuff in my life. i'm learning that a little bit of "me time" means i can give all of me to my family and be fully present versus giving them every bit of me and being stressed/tired. it isn't selfish; it's healthy.

tauren wells' song - hills and valleys - has been my motherhood anthem. it came on the radio during that first week of jackson's life. i had a moment with the Lord in the car that was so sweet. i'm so thankful that the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and welcomes us back with open arms when we've wandered.

this new dynamic is a challenging, ever-constant learning process. it's wild + messy + humbling + fun + i'm taking in every single moment.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

day date in OKC.

my new favorite photo  //  refreshing lemonade  //  the cheesecake factory
pink drink  //  animal art  //  where we had our first date!