y'all, i'm still alive. promise.

married life is great. actually it's better than i ever dreamed. that husband of mine is incredible - so sweet and kind and patient. we will be married three months on saturday. THREE! goodness. it seems like just yesterday we hopped on a plane to vegas. since the last time i blogged, we moved into our home. it's just a two-bedroom, but such a great starter home for jared and i. there are dreamy hardwood floors and a large backyard for tyler to play. y'all - i love having a space of our own. i have already rearranged my closet twice. ha! i still have moments where i'm like, "oh my goodness - i'm married. i have a husband! what the what?" my heart could burst with the amount of love i have for that man of mine.

this past weekend was so hard. after 16+ years of pure entertainment, our family cat, boomer, died. i am so incredible grateful for all the years we had with her in our lives. though my heart is broken into a million little pieces, i smile when i think about all the joy she brought to our lives. prayers of comfort would be much appreciated.

my new job at the credit union is going well. i am becoming more and more familiar with everything as the days progress. i love getting to know the members and interacting with them throughtout the day. the people i work with are so encouraging and helpful, so that's a major plus.

i really, really want to blog more. i miss this space and i miss the blogosphere. i miss social media and connecting with people all over the world. i am trying to find that balance. truth be told, i feel like i'm living a new life now. the things that mattered several months ago don't really hold substance now. but the one thing that has stayed the same is the need to create. it may not happen as frequently as i'd like, but nonetheless, it's still there.