Thursday, October 20, 2016

tidbits of life // 10

::  i am in the process of pressing these flowers! i cannot wait to see the end result.

::  reading the new HP book. so far, i'm diggin' it.

::  gimme all the moose tracks ice cream.

::  saturday mornings include lattes + gilmore girls.

::  my first hockey game! the wichita thunder may have lost, but hubs + i had SO much fun.

::  beautiful fall bouquets at dillons.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


introducing: @wildbloomdiaries - a blooming social community for lovers of all things floral.

it's no secret that i love wildflowers.
boquets of flowers. 
blooming trees. 
flower gardens. 

so i am combining two of my pasisons: photography + flowers.


be sure to follow along + tag your florals with #wildbloomdiaries.    


Tuesday, October 11, 2016


[ psalm chapter thirty, verses eleven + twelve ]


monday truths is a series on WILDBLOOM geared to fill our lives with truth. 
not fluff. not feel-good nonsense. but hard-hitting, soul-feeding, life-giving truth. 
each week, i will post a quote, scripture, or word of truth to get you started for the week ahead. 

my hope is that you will remember these little tidbits of wisdom throughout your week when 
lemons or curve balls or whatever random object gets thrown your way - because, hey - that's life.

Monday, October 10, 2016

coffee date | volume 04

if we were on a coffee date, i'd be drinking my usual vanilla latte. but instead of hanging at a coffee shop, i'd take you to botanica. the weather in wichita is delightful right now, so we would stroll through the gardens. [aka: i would take lots of photos of flowers + coffee.]

if we were on a coffee date, i would be shouting hallelujah thru sips of coffee. i was sick with the flu last week, and it was no bueno. i discovered that i'm not the best at resting while sick. i kept trying to clean this + that all morning on friday when jared finally ordered me to rest so i could get better. yes, dr. keimig! i didn't wear make-up for three days, which was reeeeeally nice. but i am feeling like myself again, and i'm so thankful.

if we were on a coffee date, i would update you on what i mentioned at the last coffee date: dinner! y'all. i love cooking! i never really liked cooking before i was married, but these days, i cannot wait to get home to cook. [my mama is reading this + probably wondering why i couldn't get that motivation fifteen years ago!] i wouldn't say i am a chef at all. but making home-cooked meals for my husband- it gives me all the feels. i am on the hunt for some new recipes, so send me your favorites!

if we were on a coffee date, i would tell you about the fun little project i'm starting: @WILDBLOOMDIARIES.
it's a blooming social community for lovers of all things floral. it's no secret that i love flowers. [umm, my blog's name might be the first hint?] i know there are hundreds of others who love capturing blooms as much as i do. i am excited to use this as a creative outlet to fuel my passion for floral photography + meet others in the process.

if we were on a coffee date, i wouldn't bring up politics. at all. because my heart, soul, + mind need a break. because i need a break. we all do.


linking up with amber + erin for their monthly coffee dates
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Friday, October 7, 2016


-  i love this beautiful shot of a maternity rainbow baby.

-  a word to my fellow creators.

-  i want to press flowers + leaves. this video is super helpful.

-  2016's most frightening halloween costumes.

-  sick day essentials.

-  SAME.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

gilmore girls + luke's diner

netflix picked two hundred coffee shops to be apart of their gilmore girls celebration of their first episode back on october 5th, 2000. the shops were transformed into luke's diner, which is a very frequented place in the series. when i found out the reverie was one of the coffee shops, I FREAKED OUT, Y'ALL. 

sorry for yelling. i get passionate about these things.
and i bought two lattes because i'm out of control.

i woke up two hours before my normal time today + left the house before the sun came up.
i stood in line for an hour and a half catching up with a couple of old work friends.
and y'all - it was the best.
even though i arrived an hour early, there was still a decent line when i pulled up. everyone was giddy with excitement at the chance to be part of the gilmore girls' birthday celebration.

i sipped on my salted caramel latte as i drove to work, thankful for this city and its places + spaces. 


"do you like coffee?"
"only with my oxygen." - lorelai gilmore

Saturday, October 1, 2016

a happy list from today.

a happy list from today:

sleeping in until eight [#adultlyfe]. a cute puppy jumping on the bed like a kid on christmas morning. 
sweet time with the Lord over the Word and a latte. praise music filling my ears all morning. 
the beginning of my favorite three months of the year. windows open + candles burning. 
theraputically deep cleaning the house for a couple hours. powersheets prep for october. 
cuddling up on the couch to read a book. walking around target with a salted caramel mocha. 
driving downtown with the windows down. catching up on fall tv shows. a birthday party = CAKE. 
more coffee in my super cute new mug. a sooner victory. [boomer!] netflix + chill. 

october goals | 2016

::  work through a small bible study  ::

i'm an open book about my life, so i'm going to admit something here: since getting married, i haven't read my bible very much. this is no fault of jared; just procrastination, laziness, and putting priority over scripture. i'm not going to shame myself for this; instead - i will make a goal to infuse my life with scripture each day. even if it's just five minutes. i started this youversion plan this morning.

::  read two books  ::

maybe i'll finally read the new harry potter book. or possibly a book from my never-ending to-read list. as much as i like to netflix + chill, i really love books.

::  little by little  ::

this applies to many areas of my life, but my focus this month is household duties. i want to start a daily routine of keeping our home tidy. we've totally been those people who run around like crazy trying to clean before friends come over. but if i straighten up little by little each day, i not only have a clean home, but when friends come over, i don't have to worry about the mess lurking behind closed doors.

::  bullet journaling  ::

i mentioned in my september monthly review that my bu-jo has drastically improved my life + mental state. i constantly have ideas + thoughts + to-dos + goals + all thing things swirling around in my head. it's nice to have a place for it all to land. plus i love documenting my everyday happenings.