october goals | 2016

::  work through a small bible study  ::

i'm an open book about my life, so i'm going to admit something here: since getting married, i haven't read my bible very much. this is no fault of jared; just procrastination, laziness, and putting priority over scripture. i'm not going to shame myself for this; instead - i will make a goal to infuse my life with scripture each day. even if it's just five minutes. i started this youversion plan this morning.

::  read two books  ::

maybe i'll finally read the new harry potter book. or possibly a book from my never-ending to-read list. as much as i like to netflix + chill, i really love books.

::  little by little  ::

this applies to many areas of my life, but my focus this month is household duties. i want to start a daily routine of keeping our home tidy. we've totally been those people who run around like crazy trying to clean before friends come over. but if i straighten up little by little each day, i not only have a clean home, but when friends come over, i don't have to worry about the mess lurking behind closed doors.

::  bullet journaling  ::

i mentioned in my september monthly review that my bu-jo has drastically improved my life + mental state. i constantly have ideas + thoughts + to-dos + goals + all thing things swirling around in my head. it's nice to have a place for it all to land. plus i love documenting my everyday happenings.


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