Friday, September 30, 2016

a month in review | september twenty-sixteen

-  i love sunflowers.
the best cookies evah.
-  trying out a coffee shop.
-  lattes with friends.
-  the girl behind the lens.
-  lovely flowers.
-  exploring kansas.
-  lattes at work.
-  tidbits of fall.


//  i started my third bullet journal. there is just something about getting everything out of my head and onto paper. earlier in the month, ideas + thoughts + goals + all the things had been swirling around in my head like a vortex. i finally sat down and basically had a brain dump. my mental health has benefited drastically by having a bullet journal again. i'm not even trying to make it pretty like my first bu-jo; just functional.

//  we camped at the lake for labor day weekend. it was so much fun. we spent saturday exploring a quaint town, coffee shops, and other parts of kansas

//  i bought an espresso machine for my office!

//  the series premiere of this is us gave me all the feels + i'm still not over it.

//  fall is here! we slept with the windows open at night + it has been glorious.

//  i made a 101 in 1001 list. i still have a few goals to add, but i'm super excited for this.


::  little by little progress is better than rushing to get something done in one sitting. i'm learning this in different areas of my life, and it's so freeing for my mental health. 

::  unexpected bonus of marriage: more sleep clothes. i wear jared's shirts to bed every night.

::  i started cooking meals more this month. our grocery bill has been cut in half. and cooking has actually been fun, guys. i know my way around the kitchen, but it's been so easy to pop in a frozen dinner for the past year instead of standing over the stove for hours. well, turns out it takes less than an hour to make dinner. i am starting to collect recipes, so send your favorites!

::  [see previous lesson] a package of spaghetti noodles from aldi will feed sixteen people. #leftoversfordayz

::  i've developed small habits of cleaning each day instead of waiting a few days + cleaning for hours.

::  the new keyboard click sounds on the iOS 10 update is my favorite part of the upgrade.

::  don't put off renewing your website domain name. chaos central.

 -  blog-tember challenge. YYYEESS. i didn't always follow the prompts, but i blogged twenty-seven times. my goal was 20-30, so BOOM.

deep clean our home.  little by little progress!

consistency.  not so much, but giving myself a little bit of grace here.

start working in the children's ministry at church.  eeeekk, yes! gimme all the babies.

read two books. i finished one book.

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