Wednesday, December 31, 2014

a month in review // december 2014.

*  back to blonde, baby!
*  the launch of the blog rebrand.
*  starbucks' sugar cookie.
*  lights at rhema bible college.
*  a snowy saturday.
*  my first OKC thunder game!
*  exploring.
*  bokeh christmas tree lights.
*  fog + raindrops.

-  i have a strong support system in my life. i hadn't fully realized or appreciated it until recently.
-  life is so fleeting and precious. i take it for granted far too much.
-  i cannot control other people. i can only control my reactions.
-  there are people in life who are not for me. this hurts, but it's true.
-  "worry is belief gone wrong. because you don't believe that God will get it right." ann voskamp.
-  people who create drama have no place in my life.
-  my family is the best at cracking jokes to ease a tense situation.

-  too. much. candy. crush.
-  i went to my first thunder game!
-  we had a beautiful, unexpected snowfall. in true oklahoma fashion, it was 90% melted by the afternoon.
-  i cheered on my hometown's high school football team in the state finals.
-  CHRISTMAS. such a wonderful time of year to slow down and reflect on the birth of our Savior.
-  a fun NYE party - happening tonight! 

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a year in review // 2014


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highlights + happenings:
-  no better way to begin the year than a sugar bowl win for the sooners!
-  a rare warm january afternoon filled with sunshine, sweet tea, and exploring.
-  january is typically a month i dread. tax season starts and longer hours ensue. this year was a little different. i made a conscious effort to celebrate the little things, to be in the moment. i took more nature walks, read books, and made plans for the new year. all in all, january was a good month.


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highlights + happenings:
-  three words: girl scout cookies.
-  i busted it on the ice. big time. bruises all over, sore for over a week.
-  the month of love. i celebrated valentine's day with a few lovely ladies. we ate good food, had wonderful conversation, and watched the winter olympics. it was my favorite day. it snowed in the beginning of february, which made for some pretty pictures and a nice day off.


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highlights + happenings:
-  i celebrated my half birthday.
-  my brother and i took a small trip to OKC for the day. i sure do love that boy.
-  "don't shine so that others can see you. shine so that, through you, others can see Him." c.s. lewis
-  oh, march. i love you. it's no secret how much i love flowers. [ahem, wildbloom.] winter slowly faded and spring made it's grand entrance with daffodils and blooming trees.


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highlights + happenings:
-  i made a drastic physical change - brunette to blonde.
-  God empties me to fill me back up. sometimes what comes out of the cup reveals my heart, fears, etc.
-  april was great! spring was in full bloom, easter was celebrated, and tax season ended. i took a fun day trip to the azalea festival in muskogee. my heart could've burst at the sight of all those blooms.


highlights + happenings:
-  mama and i had the best day.
-  began my 101 in 1001 goals.
-  my worth is not based on peoples' opinions. 
-  may is always a fun month. spring is in full swing. work slows down. school is out. summer is approaching. this past may was spent preparing for church camp. i celebrated my ten year high school reunion by not going. and i'll never forget the unfortunate meeting i had with a snake in the pasture. [heebeegeebees, y'all.]


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highlights + happenings:
-  i had the best week of my life at falls creek.
-  i watched trans4mers. twice.
-  grace is greater than guilt.
-  june was full. my heart was full. falls creek is one of those places where the Spirit is so present that the hairs on your arms stand on end. we had VBS the following week. i was exhausted by the end of the month, but i wouldn't have it any other way.


highlights + happenings:
-  we celebrated mama + america's birthday with family, friends, and fireworks.
-  i had a photo featured in people stylewatch magazine!
-  there is beauty in the process.
-  july - the dog days of summer. sweet tea and sunshine. lightning bugs and tan lines. iced coffee and freedom. july was a chill month after being on the go for weeks. it was also hot. but hey - i wasn't complaining.


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highlights + happenings:
-  "having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness."
-  grace over perfection.
-  august is a great month because it's my birthday month! i celebrated with family, cupcakes, and a sooner victory. i indulged in way too many fruit bars and iced coffees. but that's a good thing if you ask me. :)


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highlights + happenings:
-  i participated in blogtember.
-  i co-hosted with kiki on the circle.
-  i bought a new iphone 6.
-  all of my time was spent writing posts for blogtember. it came and went in an instant. but september means one of the most wonderful times of the year: autumn. and all the people said, amen


highlights + happenings:
-  our youth group had a bonfire. it was so fun!
-  grace upon grace.
-  i was reminded how much i dislike dating. why is it so hard?!
-  i went back to brunette. never again!
-  october was a hard month. but the Light shines brightest in the valleys. i spent my friday nights with my soul sistah. lots of pizza was consumed. fall ushered in its beautiful nature.


favorite posts:  life lately  //  all to Jesus i surrender  //  for my single ladies  

highlights + happenings:
-  i shot a senior session. those are always so fun.
-  thanksgiving.
-  november was better than october. i am so thankful for Jesus. He makes broken things beautiful. november gave oklahoma its first snow! i spent thanksgiving with family. i think i ate an entire pan of mac & cheese.


highlights + happenings:
-  the youth leaders and i took the youth group to see the lights at rhema bible college.
-  rizz and i went to our first thunder game! we also cheered on my hometown football team at state finals.
-  december was a busy month. new adventures, fun traditions, and lots of plans filled my calendar from start to finish. our church put on a christmas play, in which i played zechariah's baby mama, elizabeth. i also launched the rebrand of the blog! that was fun. i finished my polaroid and self-portrait projects. i enjoyed peppermint mochas and a few too many sugar cookies. it was a great way to end a crazy-beautiful year.

Monday, December 29, 2014

my 2014 in polaroids.

I DID IT! i completed my challenge to snap one polaroid a week in twenty-fourteen. it was so fun! sometimes i think my nail color got more attention than the actual polaroid. :) i never planned to change my nails, but it turned into a thing. i'm glad it did because i always need an excuse to buy new nail polish.

for this project, i used an instax 90 & an instax printer. which polaroid is your favorite?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

weekly musings.

-  I AM BLONDE AGAIN!!! mostly blonde highlights, but i'll take it!

-  i'm trying to decide what photo/documenting/weekly project i want to attempt in 2015. any ideas?

-  MERRY CHRISTMAS! i love you.

-  have you listened to the serial podcast? i am almost finished. it is so interesting!

-  blogging has turned into 10 steps and 50 tips and 7 tricks and 9 ways. STOP IT.

-  everyone in my family knows the terribly wrapped gifts are from me.

-  i started putting together my 'year in review' post. these are always so fun to write! [see 2013]

-  my hometown's football team made it to state but lost. so heartbreaking, but i loved supporting them!

-  my current favorite song is soul on fire by third day.

-  i am finally caught up on my self-portrait & polaroid project! [see insta: #my2014inpolaroids]

-  is it weird that i teared up when corey and shawn reunited on 'girl meets world'?

-  my brother gave me one of his curliest curly fries at dinner. it was the sweetest thing.

-  currently reading: the greatest gift - ann voskamp.

-  thank you SO much for all the love on the launch of the new site. y'all make my heart so happy!

-  laugh of the week:  daddy has type-A flu and was given an inhaler to help his cough. he asked how it was supposed to fit it in his nose. we cried from laughter!

Monday, December 15, 2014

weekend photo diary.

 the blonde is back!

 thousands of lights at rhema bible college.

 YOU GUYS. a penguin.

i jumped the fence to take a selfie with him.

 so pretty!

 isaiah 9:6

 spending the evening with my family and youth group made my heart so full.
 bricktown - OKC

 waiting in line.

 my first thunder game!

 i was so giddy!


this girl. she is such a blessing!

i am running on fumes this morning. the only time i was at home this weekend was to sleep. what little sleep i got was enough though. this was one of the best weekends. family and friends and christmas lights and lattes and basketball and lots of laughs. my heart was bursting when i woke up this morning. after a tough week, i needed these reminders that this fragile, fleeting life is beautiful. i must soak up every moment, say yes to new adventures, and find the good in everything.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

life lately.


happy birthday, daddy! goodness, i love you. my life is better because you are in it. you are one of the kindest people i know. those aren't just words from a loving daughter though. everyone who comes in contact with you sees your kind spirit. i see so much of grandma gracie in you.

thank you for last saturday. i know it didn't end like we wanted, but you did everything you possibly could to make my first bedlam game fun. i will treasure that day for a long time. even our complete dissection of everything wrong with OU football at the moment on the drive home. they should just hire you as a coach. you've taught me everything there is to know about the game. i cherish our father/daughter football saturdays.

but beyond football - you've taught me what it means to be a follower of Jesus. what it means to be a friend. what it means to be kind and extend grace. thank you for being the best daddy a girl could ever ask for. i love you so much!


this life is fleeting and precious. so often i take it for granted. i let my emotions and feelings dictate my actions and thoughts. i let meaningless things matter. i give weight to things that have no value. i abuse time like it's never-ending. and then tragedy strikes.

i received the tragic new on monday afternoon that a friend and her four-year-old daughter tynlee were killed in a car accident. it happened just a few miles from my house. i even saw the ambulance driving by as i was getting ready that morning. megan leaves behind a young daughter. it is so heartbreaking. i still cannot wrap my head around it. i suppose death is never easy though. grief is an uninvited, intrusive enemy. and this time of the year seems like the cruelest of days to lose a loved one. please pray for megan's family, her daughter, and for tynlee's dad.


instagram is my favorite social media platform. as a photographer, that visual inspiration fuels my creativity. i am constantly inspired and encouraged by the unique perspectives of other ladies and fellas who capture the beauty in this world. i recently made it a goal to be more open and intentional with my words and images. that might sound a little strange, but for a few months, i battled this weird dilemma: lots of my facebook friends follow me on insta. people i know in 'real life'. high school classmates, people i see on a daily basis, and family members. being vulnerable on this photo app was too risky. what if those people thought i was weird?

then i stumbled across the 'fridayintroductions' hashtag. i saw the openness of other ladies and decided that vulnerability wasn't a risk - living a life full of concern for others' opinions was too risky. i joined the hashtag and never looked back.  [see a few of my #fridayintroductions instagrams here, here, and here.]

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

winter beauty favorites.

the first official day of winter is not for a couple weeks, but when the holidays start, my mind perceives it as winter. i've found myself reaching for these products a lot lately.

//  LIPS

the fall/winter season always makes me want to rock a bright lip. bold lipstick brings out my sassy, confident side. this shade by NYX is my absolute favorite! [see it here & here.] the other NYX shade is pretty as well. and with the cold weather settling into oklahoma, i gotta have my baby lips.

//  HAIR

my stylist told me about this brush. i had used a wide-tooth comb for years, but switched immediately. i highly recommend it! the leave-in conditioner is pricey, but so worth it. it smells great and has helped keep my hair strong and moisturized.


give me all the dark and glitter nail polish during this time of year. my current favorite is OPI's comet in the sky, the black & navy shades by sinful colors, and ultra pro's glamrock & emerald city.

//  FACE

i never understood the importance of facial moisturizer until a couple years ago. when celebrities get asked their beauty secrets, it seems they always reply with "moisturizer". i get it now! st. ives moisturizer is my go-to. i apply is before i put makeup on, and it isn't greasy.

what are your winter beauty favorites right now? i always love a good recommendation!

Monday, December 8, 2014


y'all. TODAY IS THE DAY. the rebrand of the blog is live!

welcome to WILDBLOOM

my hope and prayer is that this space serves as a vessel of God's love, truth, and lots of grace. this place is where i will share the messy, creative, wonderful, hard, crazy-beautiful parts of my story. my sole purpose is to bring glory to the One who saved my soul.

WILDBLOOM is for the girl who messed up big time and needs a reminder that we serve a merciful God. it's for the woman who is looking for a good lipstick or nail polish recommendation. it's for all the lovelies who think they are alone or need a safe place to come and share the tough stuff. it's for the single girl, the married woman, and the mamas. it's for you. for her. for all of us. so grab a cup of coffee and have a look around, friends.


blog address  //  this is a given, but be sure to bookmark 

updated 'about me' section  //   see it here.

daily reads  //  at the top of the blog, there is a link to all of the blogs i read on a daily basis. check them out!

categories  //  i did away with the labels at the bottom and added categories to the sidebar.

blog button  //  if you'd like to add my blog button to your site, let me know!

facebook  //  it's the same page, but under a different name and link.

twitter  //  the blog now has its own separate twitter account! follow @wildbloomblog on twitter!

pinterest  //  same board, different name.

a huge thank you to aubrey kinch for her amazing design work on the site. this is the third website she has designed for me and homegirl has some serious talent. she blew my expectations out of the water. and a big shoutout to elizabeth for her detailed step-by-step guide on forwarding domain names. what i thought would be the scariest thing since texas chainsaw massacre ended up being fairly simple.

Monday, December 1, 2014

a month in review // NOVEMBER

*  a fun night of taking photos for girls in my youth group. bright lipstick makes me happy.
*  rainy days filled with kitty cuddles and lots of coffee.
*  the first snow of the season! it was so pretty and allowed me to slow down and be still before the Lord.
*  winter nature is so beautiful.
*  "the heavens proclaim the glory of God. the skies display His craftmanship."  psalm 19:1.
*  when the temperature climbs to the seventies in november, you will always find me outside.
*  Jesus, coffee, and the cutest socks ever.
*  we put up our christmas tree this weekend! it is so different from what we've had in the past, but i love it.
*  do not ask me how many of these starbucks sugar cookies i have consumed this month because i will never tell. [five.]

-  one day at a time.
-  recipe for mending a broken heart: Jesus, movie night & pizza, and more Jesus.
-  there is beauty in the process. find it. embrace it. learn from it.
-  "genuine total surrender is a personal sovereign preference for Jesus Christ Himself." oswald chambers.
-  sometimes things happen that have no clear explanation. in that uncertainty, God is the only constant.

>  a top-to-bottom clean-fest of my bedroom. yes - even under my bed!
>  a saturday that was anything but typical.
the first snow in oklahoma!
>  friday nights with rizz.
>  thanksgiving. spending the night with grandma & the baby cousins, lots of laughs, and all the mac & cheese.

//   life lately
//   for my single ladies

//  let it be. i was vague about the details, but last month i let my guard down and got burned in a relationship. when a guy tells you sweet things and makes you feel special, it's easy to get swept up in happy thoughts. but i let my heart get ahead of myself. in retrospect, i am grateful for that experience. that pain and struggle led me straight to the feet of Jesus. He reminded me that i am not defined by a boy's disinterest or my feelings or anything but Him.
//  catch up on the instax & self-portrait project.  oh mylanta. it's going to be 2015, and i'll still procrastinate on this.
//  spread love.  this time of year brings out the good in people. i want to soak in all it has to offer, while taking little lessons with my into the new year. i want to love others all the time - every single day - no matter how i myself am feeling. love wins. every time.