a year in review // 2014


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highlights + happenings:
-  no better way to begin the year than a sugar bowl win for the sooners!
-  a rare warm january afternoon filled with sunshine, sweet tea, and exploring.
-  january is typically a month i dread. tax season starts and longer hours ensue. this year was a little different. i made a conscious effort to celebrate the little things, to be in the moment. i took more nature walks, read books, and made plans for the new year. all in all, january was a good month.


favorite posts:  celebrate love  //  i am  //  weekly musings 

highlights + happenings:
-  three words: girl scout cookies.
-  i busted it on the ice. big time. bruises all over, sore for over a week.
-  the month of love. i celebrated valentine's day with a few lovely ladies. we ate good food, had wonderful conversation, and watched the winter olympics. it was my favorite day. it snowed in the beginning of february, which made for some pretty pictures and a nice day off.


favorite posts:  tidbits of life  //  photoshop actions from ABM  //  i choose Jesus 

highlights + happenings:
-  i celebrated my half birthday.
-  my brother and i took a small trip to OKC for the day. i sure do love that boy.
-  "don't shine so that others can see you. shine so that, through you, others can see Him." c.s. lewis
-  oh, march. i love you. it's no secret how much i love flowers. [ahem, wildbloom.] winter slowly faded and spring made it's grand entrance with daffodils and blooming trees.


favorite posts:  tulips + prayers  //  azalea festival  //  a month in review: april 

highlights + happenings:
-  i made a drastic physical change - brunette to blonde.
-  God empties me to fill me back up. sometimes what comes out of the cup reveals my heart, fears, etc.
-  april was great! spring was in full bloom, easter was celebrated, and tax season ended. i took a fun day trip to the azalea festival in muskogee. my heart could've burst at the sight of all those blooms.


highlights + happenings:
-  mama and i had the best day.
-  began my 101 in 1001 goals.
-  my worth is not based on peoples' opinions. 
-  may is always a fun month. spring is in full swing. work slows down. school is out. summer is approaching. this past may was spent preparing for church camp. i celebrated my ten year high school reunion by not going. and i'll never forget the unfortunate meeting i had with a snake in the pasture. [heebeegeebees, y'all.]


favorite posts:  redeeming love  //  transformers  //  a month in review: june 

highlights + happenings:
-  i had the best week of my life at falls creek.
-  i watched trans4mers. twice.
-  grace is greater than guilt.
-  june was full. my heart was full. falls creek is one of those places where the Spirit is so present that the hairs on your arms stand on end. we had VBS the following week. i was exhausted by the end of the month, but i wouldn't have it any other way.


highlights + happenings:
-  we celebrated mama + america's birthday with family, friends, and fireworks.
-  i had a photo featured in people stylewatch magazine!
-  there is beauty in the process.
-  july - the dog days of summer. sweet tea and sunshine. lightning bugs and tan lines. iced coffee and freedom. july was a chill month after being on the go for weeks. it was also hot. but hey - i wasn't complaining.


favorite posts:  blogging resources  //  twenty-eight  //  a month in review: august 

highlights + happenings:
-  "having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness."
-  grace over perfection.
-  august is a great month because it's my birthday month! i celebrated with family, cupcakes, and a sooner victory. i indulged in way too many fruit bars and iced coffees. but that's a good thing if you ask me. :)


favorite posts:  when i grow up  //  single  //  a month in review: blogtember

highlights + happenings:
-  i participated in blogtember.
-  i co-hosted with kiki on the circle.
-  i bought a new iphone 6.
-  all of my time was spent writing posts for blogtember. it came and went in an instant. but september means one of the most wonderful times of the year: autumn. and all the people said, amen


highlights + happenings:
-  our youth group had a bonfire. it was so fun!
-  grace upon grace.
-  i was reminded how much i dislike dating. why is it so hard?!
-  i went back to brunette. never again!
-  october was a hard month. but the Light shines brightest in the valleys. i spent my friday nights with my soul sistah. lots of pizza was consumed. fall ushered in its beautiful nature.


favorite posts:  life lately  //  all to Jesus i surrender  //  for my single ladies  

highlights + happenings:
-  i shot a senior session. those are always so fun.
-  thanksgiving.
-  november was better than october. i am so thankful for Jesus. He makes broken things beautiful. november gave oklahoma its first snow! i spent thanksgiving with family. i think i ate an entire pan of mac & cheese.


highlights + happenings:
-  the youth leaders and i took the youth group to see the lights at rhema bible college.
-  rizz and i went to our first thunder game! we also cheered on my hometown football team at state finals.
-  december was a busy month. new adventures, fun traditions, and lots of plans filled my calendar from start to finish. our church put on a christmas play, in which i played zechariah's baby mama, elizabeth. i also launched the rebrand of the blog! that was fun. i finished my polaroid and self-portrait projects. i enjoyed peppermint mochas and a few too many sugar cookies. it was a great way to end a crazy-beautiful year.


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