Thursday, October 2, 2014

the future of 'under the oklahoma sky'.

as i have mentioned before, this blog is getting a complete rebrand - new name, new design, new content. the big reveal should be the first or second week of december, if all goes well. in the meantime, i will continue posting up until late november. when the design is ready, this space will go private for about a week. i have to transfer to see what i did there? once the design is installed and the domains are forwarded, the blog will go live, and i will probably cry tears of joy.

this rebrand is so much more than just a different name and design. it is a transformation. a metamorphosis. a rebirth.

for years, my online life and offline life have felt separate. there was a gap. a disconnect. in recent months, i have learned that cultivating a genuine life starts with acknowledging the not-so pretty parts. ignoring them doesn't make it all disappear. it just pushes it back further until one day, it explodes in my face. to share an authentic online life, i have to live an authentic offline life. and that's what this new space is about - authentic living, transparency of the good and the bad, letting God work in my life.

as far as preparation goes, i have never used more post-it notes in my life. my blog journal notebook is filled with lots of new ideas. i plan to incorporate more fashion & beauty posts, which slightly scares me because i am more comfortable behind the camera than in front. and i want to become a better writer. i keep searching for books or articles, but it's possible that to become a better writer, one must do just that - write.

who flippin' cares? is my motto in this whole process - who flippin' cares if no one likes the new site or i lose followers or i fail?
i am welcoming change without concern for other people's opinions. this is my journey, my season, my successes & failures - my life.
it is beautiful and crazy and fascinating and messy and purposeful. this is me - sharing my story for God's glory and for women just like me, who need to be reminded of their worth and the beauty in this world and embrace exactly who God made us to be.

so here's to the craziness - to a fresh start - to a new space - to all the possibilities. i have a feeling it's going to be wild.

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