Tuesday, February 28, 2017

a month in review // february 2017.

-  twenty-one weeks! this baby bump has made its debut, and i can't get enough of it.

-  i love my powersheets!

-  we tried milkfloat this month. delicious coffee + delightful atmosphere.

-  we took a mini-road trip to the cosmosphere in hutch. i'm a space nerd, so i found it so fun.


//  we had a group of friends over for superbowl sunday. we watched the commercials only until the third quarter. no one in our group was rooting for the pats, so we were a little bummed with the outcome. BUT one of our friends brought snickerdoodle cookies, so i consoled myself with... more than one. :)

//  baby keimig is a BOY! i am so thrilled to be a boy mom.

//  i made my first crockpot meal! it was delicious. i can't believe it took me this long to make something in the crockpot, but now i'm planning my next meal.

//  jared + i celebrated valentine's day by taking a short road trip to OKC one weekend. my family met us down there, and the weather - it was 85 degrees, y'all. we shopped, ate delicious food, and tried a couple new coffee shops. our hotel was so nice, too. they had theeeee best cheesecake + chocolate lava cake i've ever had. and the bed was amazing. i had to reach for jared because the bed was so big and lush. i didn't want to leave that glorious bed.

//  this is TMI, but i am ridiculously proud that i went up a full cup size when i bought a new bra this month. :)

//  we bought a new bed! after sleeping in that glorious bed in OKC, i finally convinced husband that we desperately needed a new bed. it's a king size, so it barely fits in our bedroom. but i'm in heaven every time i sleep. we wanted a king size so we would have room to spread out and sleep comfortably. milo usually crowds us, but he is no longer allowed to sleep in the bed with us. he peed in our new bed on the second night. [i was furious!] i have to reach for jared because it's so spacious. it's glorious.

//  we took a spontaneous road trip to the cosmosphere. the space nerd in me was geeking out.


::  having a separate set of powersheets for work is genius. i found my old set from 2015 that i never used, so i made them my work powersheets.

::  pregnancy has been a sanctifying process for me. the last six months have forced me to face the fact that i have been coasting thru my faith for quite awhile. i got out of my daily habits (prayer, bible study, etc.).

::  i started leaving my planner + powersheets at work instead of at home during the week. this has helped me keep up with my daily/weekly/monthly goals + habits + such. i found it weird at first that i was so motivated just be keeping them in my desk, but then i realized that after i get home from a long day at work, the last thing i want to do is look at anything other than the back of my eyelids. ha!

::  social media as of late has been ridiculous. i have noticed that if i am following people who are excessively obnoxious with their views/memes/etc., then i have to click unfollow or mute. more than ever, i've learned what fills my newsfeed fills my mind. in january, i cleaned up my social media accounts drastically. i try to only follow people who actually have something worthwhile to say, rather than those who decide to make social media their diary.

::  i set three alarms, and it never fails- i snooze them for over thirty minutes every. single. morning.

::  two words: maternity leggings.

::  registering for baby is slightly overwhelming. i'm trying to be practical- yet i have no idea what i really need. i'm also trying not to add every single cute item to the list.

::  i was on the fence about it at first, but i really enjoy watching instagram stories now. i kinda want to start posting some ig stories of my own, but it would probably only consist of photos/videos of milo. :)

::  matcha lattes are the most disgusting thing i've ever tried. gross.



prepare taxes + file 2016. done!

start baby research + make a list for the registry. well, i made the registry. that's as far as i got. ha!

reflect on february + finish powersheets prep for march.  done. it feels so good to have consistent motivation to accomplish the big + little goals each day/week/month.


powersheets check-in.  i didn't use my powersheets as much as i wanted to last year. procrastination + laziness got the best of me. but this year, i am determined to utilize my powersheets to keep up the little-by-little progress i'm making each month. real talk: i never set goals until it became a thing to blog about in bloggerland. my goals are more like to-dos.

keep up with the month in review post on the blog. my goal for the year is to recap each month. so far, so good.

blog 1 - 2 times each weekbaby keimig is a...  //  pregnancy + faith  //  weekend photo diary  //  pregnancy, month five.





little by little.

record dailies in ECLP.

praise Him

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

pregnancy: month five.

DUE DATE:  june 22, 2017
WEEKS:  18 - 21
TRIMESTER:  second
GENDER:  boy!


i haven't had any of the "bad" symptoms [morning sickness + such] during my pregnancy. (unless you count mild nausea that lasted about ten days around weeks 7/8.) of course, i've had other symptoms, but it's more of common occurrences of growing a baby- peeing more frequently, exhaustion, and though they are always sore, 'the girls' have grown so much that i have to go up a bra size. [best. symptom. EVER.] 


unsweetened tea, all day - errrday. i also crave chocolate milk like it's going out of style, but i limit my intake.
well... i try. :)


i started feeling this sweet boy's tiny movements around week eighteen. the kicks have only gotten stronger as the days go by. every time i feel the first kicks in the morning, i grabbed my belly and say, "good morning, baby!" jared has felt a few little kicks as well.


once i hit the second trimester, i finally started to feel like myself again in terms of energy. but- the insomnia. oh, mylanta. no one told me there would be nights when i would wake up and just... lay there. it happens a few times a week. and once i'm awake, i can't get comfortable. it also seems that jared + milo are snoring the loudest during these glorious moments.


i have no shame in admitting that i've been wearing maternity pants since week ten. i didn't technically need them at that point in my pregnancy, but i couldn't handle walking around with unbuttoned pants all the time or using a rubber band to hold my pants together. the only maternity shirts i've purchased thus far are basic essentials: a black tank top, a white tee, and a gray tee from target. my mama bought me a few things at the mall that are super cute, too. i'm also starting to wear jared's work t-shirts more often around the house because the bump is starting to stretch out a few of my other tees. i also bought a pair of maternity leggings from h + m. you guys. i cannot change my clothes fast enough when i get home every day. i told jared that i pitied him because he will never know the joy of wearing maternity leggings. ha!


being a boy mom. finally deciding on a first name. registering for our baby shower. decorating the nursery.

thank you to amanda for inspiring the new format of these monthly posts. 
fun fact: her due date is the day after mine!  

Monday, February 13, 2017

weekend photo diary.

jared + i spent the weekend in OKC. we had originally planned to go next weekend, but the timing worked out better, so we made our way down to the city on saturday afternoon. y'all. the weather was a glorious 85 degrees. it's february. i didn't even wear a sweater that day.

my mom + brother met us down there for some shopping + dinner. i am so, so happy i got to see them, although i missed my daddy (he was sick.)

after my family left, jared + i chilled at a coffee shop near the mall for a bit before heading down to bricktown. there was a thunder game saturday night, but we didn't care. we strolled along and talked and people-watched. we headed back to the hotel around 9 + slept in the most glorious bed in existence. i rolled over + had to reach for jared because the bed was so big. this has made my case for our need of a bigger bed at home now!

we ate a free breakfast at the hotel on sunday morning and made our way to leaf + bean. their vanilla latte was a delight! after buying beans at our favorite coffee shop in okc, we made the trip back to wichita.

this was a short trip, but it's packed with fun memories. here are a few photos i snapped while out + about.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

pregnancy + faith.

kalley heiligenthal posted these words about motherhood on her insta a few nights ago.

" . . . [she] doesn't need to see her mom live a life of security. she needs to watch us risk, live out boldly who we are, hear us laugh at impossibilities and come out on the other side so she would consider faith to be normal, wise, and expected. "

c'mon, preach. i read and re-read those words over and over again so they would seep into my mind and spirit. i desire the kind of faith that is unshakeable- the kind of faith that is rooted in Jesus and what He did on that cross- the kind of faith that doesn't falter because of circumstance.

we received the results of the twenty-week scan this week. our baby boy is great, but there is one small problem. he has a dilated urinary tract on the right side. the doctor told us this will either correct itself while i'm still pregnant or after birth. we will monitor it, but it's nothing to lose sleep over.

while waiting to hear from the doctor about the results, i started to let my mind wander to all the possibilities. all of them were things that could be wrong. i had no indication that baby was anything but healthy - but i still conjured up every scenario in my head. i know i'm not the only expectant mom to do this, but it revealed areas of my faith that are lacking.

i do not want to raise my son with superficial faith. i do not want our son to think that God is just a person he talks to when life gets tough. i want to raise a man of God who loves Him more than anything this world has to offer. i want the Lord to be his First Love, as He is mine and Jared's.

this i know to be true: God is faithful. i am confident that our son is healed in Jesus' name! pregnancy has been a sanctifying process. i imagine motherhood to have the same effect on me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

baby keimig is a . . .


we are so thrilled! i have said for years that if i had all boys, i'd be okay with it. well, between husband and our dogs, i'm very outnumbered now that we are adding another boy to our family. :)

now begins all the things:  nursery, name, registry, etc.

i am working from home for the majority of my maternity leave, and since the only available space we have is the spare bedroom, the baby's nursery will double as my office. at first, i thought about setting up a space in our entryway, but then i realized that our son will have no concern about his nursery decor or that mommy will be working in his room. he will be an infant, not fifteen.

it's funny how - as i get older - the things i envisioned when i was younger seem frivolous and silly now. younger amber would have said we need to buy a bigger house so i can have my own office and baby can have his own room. but i LOVE our home- the location, the backyard, and those dreamy hardwood floors. as i get older, i realize more and more each day that we could strive to have bigger and better things, but... why? a bigger home or an expensive vehicle or whatever society is trying to sell as success isn't going to help me raise my son better. it's up to jared and i to create an environment with God at the center, constantly praying for guidance as we navigate marriage and parenthood and such.

between preparations for baby and working through tax season + learning taxes, the next several months are going to be nuts. but i am soaking in every single moment - even those annoying moments of insomnia at two in the mornings - because these are the days i prayed about for so long. i don't want to take anything for granted during this process.