Monday, February 13, 2017

weekend photo diary.

jared + i spent the weekend in OKC. we had originally planned to go next weekend, but the timing worked out better, so we made our way down to the city on saturday afternoon. y'all. the weather was a glorious 85 degrees. it's february. i didn't even wear a sweater that day.

my mom + brother met us down there for some shopping + dinner. i am so, so happy i got to see them, although i missed my daddy (he was sick.)

after my family left, jared + i chilled at a coffee shop near the mall for a bit before heading down to bricktown. there was a thunder game saturday night, but we didn't care. we strolled along and talked and people-watched. we headed back to the hotel around 9 + slept in the most glorious bed in existence. i rolled over + had to reach for jared because the bed was so big. this has made my case for our need of a bigger bed at home now!

we ate a free breakfast at the hotel on sunday morning and made our way to leaf + bean. their vanilla latte was a delight! after buying beans at our favorite coffee shop in okc, we made the trip back to wichita.

this was a short trip, but it's packed with fun memories. here are a few photos i snapped while out + about.

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