remember how i mentioned in the last blog post that life had taken an unexpected turn? as you can see, that detour is a happy [and handsome] one. now you understand why i've been missing from this space and social media as of late.

this is my boyfriend, jared. he is so sweet and cute and hilarious and many more mushy-gushy adjectives. he loves Jesus and has impeccable style. the photo above is from valentine's day. after showing me his favorite spots in wichita all day, he took me out to a fancy-schmancy restaurant. i got all dressed up and felt so special.

i'm going back to wichita this weekend. i plan to take more photos and eventually share more of our story.
right now, i just want to soak in all the little moments. thank you for sticking with me and this space as i start a new journey. i love each one of you!

who rebrands their blog and then stops publishing posts?


what do i even say right now?  hi, remember me? of course you do, silly goose.
do i throw some cliches at you?  life has been so busy + crazy + wonderful + hard.
maybe i'll ramble on and on.  blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

y'all know that's not my style.

i'm just here to say that i am still alive.
i'm still breathing.
i'm still trying to live out a life of complete surrender.
i'm still reading your blogs and looking at your instagrams and tweets.
and i'm still taking goofy selfies. obviously.

what i'm trying to say is that life took an unexpected turn, and i'm trying to navigate thru unchartered waters. and then God's all like, "girl, let it goooo, let it gooooo!" okay, He didn't really sing that to me. He basically said, "I am in control. trust Me. not people, not your feelings, not the world, trust ME." so i did. i am.

i've been singing this song over and over to Him, making it the anthem for this season of my life.
You are faithful to provide. You are always by my side.
even though i cannot see where You're leading me, i am Yours and You are faithful

valentine's day is saturday. normally i write a post to my fellow single ladies each year. this year, i am going to recycle. and by recycle i mean i am going to link last year's post. because all those words are still true. [especially the part about girl scout cookies. they're pure bliss, i tell ya.]

let's celebrate love, in whatever form it may come.

*  a rainy sunday.
*  exploring with the film camera.
*  bits of winter.
*  i found this devotion from matt chandler to be very insightful about the early church of philippi.
*  that golden hour gives me all the heart eyes.
*  the best chicken salad evahhh.
*  more golden hour goodness.
*  sometimes you just gotta break it down to some spice girls.
*  a frosty morning.

-  used a film camera for the first time.
-  started my first set of powersheets.
-  set goals for the new year.
-  soul sistah nights with rizz.
-  started watching the first season of gilmore girls. [HOOKED, y'all.]
-  participated in #fireworkpeoeple chats on twitter.
-  signed up for online dating. (!)
-  spent super bowl sunday with my favorite people. [super bowl: booooring. kitten bowl: the best!]

-  keeping a 'brain purge' notebook.
-  more intention with sabbaths.
-  cleaning up/making new inspiration boards on pinterest.

-  not drinking enough water.
-  procrastination.
-  unnecessary worry.

i didn't set any goals for january, with it being the new year and all. january kinda snuck up on me. while everyone was posting their word and goals for the year, i'm sitting here like, "wait, where did 2014 go?"
i blinked and POOF, the new year arrived.

the same thing happened with january:  blink. poof. hello, february.

january was a good month. lots of firsts and plans and surprises. after battling a tough situation at church for the better part of last year, i finally let it go. anger corrodes that in which it is carried. my heart, my mind, my speech - it became bitter. i let words of others define me. i let actions dictate my emotions. and it was exhausting. those close to me began to notice something was off. so i laid it all at the feet of Jesus. 

february is filled with even more plans. i'm excited. this season of my life has purpose. i'm searching for God in all the little ways and watching Him work in the big ways. this journey is crazy + weird + beautiful + messy. but it's worth every tear, smile and hardship.