a happy detour.

remember how i mentioned in the last blog post that life had taken an unexpected turn? as you can see, that detour is a happy [and handsome] one. now you understand why i've been missing from this space and social media as of late.

this is my boyfriend, jared. he is so sweet and cute and hilarious and many more mushy-gushy adjectives. he loves Jesus and has impeccable style. the photo above is from valentine's day. after showing me his favorite spots in wichita all day, he took me out to a fancy-schmancy restaurant. i got all dressed up and felt so special.

i'm going back to wichita this weekend. i plan to take more photos and eventually share more of our story.
right now, i just want to soak in all the little moments. thank you for sticking with me and this space as i start a new journey. i love each one of you!


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