Wednesday, March 14, 2018


maple cake donuts. the coming of spring. iced coffee. watching jackson dance when music comes on. 
open windows + fresh air. reading after jackson goes to bed. dinosaur socks. extra daylight. sushi.
the sweet reminder on timehop that jared proposed to me three years ago today.
seeing bits of spring peak thru the earth. psalm 16:8. worship music. creative inspiration. 

Monday, March 12, 2018


-  jared didn't have to work this weekend, so we made plans to go the the theater once i was off work. but those plans were thwarted when jackson started throwing up. you know what's SO weird? he had no fever and was his happy self the entire day. i'm starting to wonder if it was related to teething. he was drooling a lot. who knows? it could've been a stomach bug or something. he slept thru the night and was totally fine on sunday.

-  we ventured downtown for lunch after morning service yesterday. we enjoyed sushi + drank lattes on the way home.


+  i finished beartown this weekend. (five stars!) and i started the hate u give today.

+  if you are a book lover like i am, i highly recommend the what should i read next? podcast.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018



  another blog post about more lessons i've learned during my time in the 'hood.
  our first camping trip of the season.  
▲  jackson's first birthday party. it's not until june, but i don't care. it's going to be dinosaur themed FOR SURE.  


▲  bits of spring here + there, which makes my heart so happy! the previous homeowners of our new house had a major green thumb. i am excited to see what blooms this spring/summer. i hope to plant something of my own as well. 


  all the grilled cheese sammiches. 


  i'm not getting another cold.
  cake is a nutritional food group. 


  i immediately change into leggings + a baggy tee when i get home.
  all the fun socks.

linking up with anne of in residence

Monday, March 5, 2018

NOTES FROM THE WEEKEND // volume nine.

-  the weather was so nice this weekend! spring is on its way. this time of year is so exciting for me because FLOWERS. i was giddy all weekend because i noticed the daffodils peeking thru when i walked into work.

-  jared + i ate dinner at kneaders for the first time. it was delicious!

-  we had friends over for dinner on saturday night and watched the new thor movie.

-  march is my favorite month of the year. not only because of spring + flowers, but jared + i will celebrate three years of marriage at the end of the month!


+  i'm setting up my new bullet journal, and i could watch kara's videos for hours.

+  i finally got my hold from the library [bear town]. i cannot wait to dive in!