WEEKEND NOTES | volume twelve.

-  we took our first camping trip of the season! i was a little nervous because i wasn't sure how jackson would adjust, but he was a trooper. he slept great and loved playing on the bed in the new camper. [oh yeah, we bought a camper last week.]

-  once i got settled at the campsite, i had to go on a little adventure in search of spring blooms. kansas finally got the spring memo, and the trees + flowers blossomed this weekend!

-  we were hanging out by the fire when one of the guys from the campsite next to us asked us if we wanted their cake. guys. it was basically a whole cake - for free. it was heaven!

-  after unpacking + taking a nap yesterday afternoon, we realized we had no food in the house. jared was exhausted, so i ventured to the grocery store. on the way there, i was so elated to grocery shop by myself that i didn't realize i was speeding. as i passed the cop, he turned around, and i just knew that i was going to get a ticket. and to my utter shock, he stopped the car behind me! i was so convinced that he was pulling me over that i had already started veering to the shoulder, but nope. i still can't believe it. haha.


+  i've been binging the coffee + crumbs podcast all weekend! i've loosely followed coffee + crumbs for a while now, but something clicked last week, and i realized that their essays + podcast + words all resonate with me more than any other 'mommy site' out there right now. i also ordered ashlee's book - the magic of motherhood.

+  i really love this bu-jo instagram account.


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