three years.

as the plane took off, i gripped his arm so tightly that he looked at me with wide eyes.

"are you scared?" he asked.
"i'm terrified of planes." i replied.

he didn't know that about me. granted there was a lot he didn't yet know about me. we had only known each other for two months before boarding that plane for las vegas. most people would freak out because they were about to commit their life to a person they'd only known for sixty days, but there i was losing my mind over the fact that every single bit of turbulence meant we were probably crashing to our deaths.

it's been three years since we eloped.
three years of choosing him every single day.
three years of loving him - all the parts of him.

even his messiness.
i'm like FEMA cleaning up after hurricane jared. 

one thousand ninety-six days of marriage.
i've learned so much about him. about me. about us.

he loved me through the hardest month of my life after our son was born.
he makes me coffee every morning. he makes up jingles for eeeeeverything.
i could list all the things and all the ways he's loved me, but i would be writing for days.

i love you, babe.
thank you for choosing me.


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