nothing. nada. zilch.

that is what comes out of my brain when i sit down to blog as of late. i have great ideas, but composing cohesive sentences has proven to be difficult. it's so frustrating, too. this blog is my heart + expression + creative avenue. i could just throw a blog post together and call it good. but i want my words to mean something. i want to preserve these memories + moments. i want to point others to Christ. i want to make art, even if no one sees it.

saturdays are what i have deemed my "creative days". i wake up, make coffee, and study scripture for awhile. then i make another cup of coffee and watch a few episodes of gilmore girls. i've started this habit of writing down all my thoughts + to-dos + happenings + ideas + prayers in a notebook throughout the day. i call it a "brain purge". this is great because it gets everything out of my head and onto paper. it's mildly therapeutic.

ok cupid

i have to admit something to y'all. i started online dating last weekend. it's crazy + weird + fun. how it works: make a profile and answer question. you're then 'matched' with others by percentage. you can view and message other guys. i do not respond to most messages; only guys with a 95% match or higher. i never message a guy first. [i'm old-fashioned, what can i say?] there are a few guys with similar interests/morals/beliefs. of course, they are all spread out over the country, but for now - i'm just rollin' with it. i said i would never, ever try online dating, but my best friend convinced me that it's not just dudes looking to murder me and wear my skin.

in every season

my singleness has always felt like the plague. but it doesn't have to be! i had a moment of feeling sorry for myself yesterday, deciding that all the godly guys were taken, and i'd be alone forever. but once i stopped feeling sorry for myself, i prayed + prayed + prayed. desert song came on and i sang these words over and over: all of my life, in every season, You are still God. i have a reason to sing; i have a reason to worship.

the other night, i hopped out of my truck and was stopped in my tracks. the night sky was filled with millions of stars, beckoning to be admired. i gazed upon the beautiful Hand-crafted galaxy and whispered, "wow." our Creator is amazing. i was reminded of psalm nineteen, verse one: "the heavens declare Your glory. the skies proclaim the work of Your hands." and then, as only He can do, a shooting star leaped across the star-filled sky, as if God whispered back, "I see you. I am with you."

everyday moments is a new series based on all the the big + little ways God shows up in my life. short stories documenting how God reveals Himself in the everyday moments. He is not limited to where He meets me. i'm learning more and more that these moments are purposeful + beautiful. i tell the story, He gets the glory.


every tuesday + thursday, i participate in #fireworkpeople chats on twitter. it's a space for women to encourage, dream, and live out their passions in this world. i love it so much! there is so much Truth being poured out of beautiful women who love Jesus and dream big. women who are FOR each other and have compassion rather than comparison. i hope you will join or at the very least - follow along during one of the chats!


i'm coming out of a season where the fire raged all around me, threatening with its fierce flames and clouding my vision with darkness and pain and anxiety and hurt every chance it got. but like shadrach, meshach, and abednego, i came out of the fiery furnace - no trace of smoke or singed clothes. the enemies who through me in did not win. during a moment of clarity, i saw my God, right there with me. i began dancing through the fire as the flames violently soared all around me. God is faithful. He is always with me. every tear, every prayer, every moment - He sees, He hears, and He knows. a refining fire - i am grateful.


i started working though lara casey's powersheets. good grief - those things are no joke. the act of writing out my dreams + goals - just seeing it on paper has motivated me to make things happen! i was hesitant at first though. the powersheets are geared toward [but not limited to] entrepreneurs. that i am not. i work a 9-5, but i am a creative girl. i bought them in hopes that through this process, God will reveal His purpose for my life. for me, having a full time job meant my passions + dreams + purpose became a little murky. i see many ladies who have turned their creative lifestyle into a career. i want that, but only if it's God's will for my life. i'm learning that i can have passion + purpose outside of my job. i can pursue a creative lifestyle despite those circumstances.

for my first time using film, i am pleasantly surprised with the results. i laughed when i saw the first few out-of-focus photos. the pinecones are my favorites, for obvious reasons. i am so excited to dive more into film and explore! what photos are your favorites?

GILMORE GIRLS  //  i just started this series for the first time. now i know why everyone loves it! lorelai gilmore is me: extreme love of coffee, humorous wit, and clever comebacks. 

POWERSHEETS  //  in an effort to do something about the goals i have set for this year, i bought myself a set of lara casey's powersheets. i'm ready to make things happen this weekend! lately i have had so much motivation. it's probably in part to celebrating a new year with new plans and possibilities, and that makes me happy.

STELLER  //  i was searching the photo category of itunes one day when i stumbled upon an app called steller. i downloaded it and quickly understood why it was one of apple's best apps of 2014. you can create stories that showcase multiple photos, share with friends, and follow others. check out a few of my stories HERE.

NYX BUTTER GLOSS  //  i have been wearing NYX's butter gloss every single day for the past three weeks. it's thick and adds just enough color.

ALL THE FILES  //  my grandma wanted to get the file room cleaned before tax season started. it took us 14 hours to clean and organize! there are 58 boxes of old files to shred - yes, 58. i was exhausted by the end of the day. but i feel so accomplished!

ST. IVES  //  i am a big fan of st. ives products. their face washes were on sale at target last month, so i stocked up. the pink lemon & mandarin orange scrub is my absolute favorite! i use it every morning, and it has made a difference in my skin. i also like the oatmeal scrub + mask, apricot scrub, and green tea scrub.

READING  //  women of the word - jen wilkin.  i sound like a broken record, but i love this book. it has changed the way i view/study scripture.  kiss the wave - tara-leigh cobble.  i'm a big fan of tlc's books. she has this beautiful knack for telling stories about finding God in the everyday moments. and she's a fan of the dallas cowboys, so there's that.  the body book - cameron diaz.  good book about nutrition and all that jazz. 

FILM  //  as i mentioned before, i shot with film for the first time this week. i am hoping to get it developed this evening. i am so, so excited to see how they turned out! film is so different, but i love it already. and ps: don't look at my roots. [you just scrolled up and looked, didn't ya?]

COFFEE  //  a second cup of coffee is a great afternoon delight. 

one of my goals for this year is to learn film photography. after my grandma gracie went to be with Jesus, my daddy gave me two of her most prized possessions: her bible + her camera. i remember she was never, ever without that camera. [or her bible now that i think of it.]

earlier this week, i put a roll of film in that camera and set out to capture God's beautiful nature on film for the first time. the first several shots will no doubt come back blurry because i finally realized why none of the photos would focus: it was a manual macro lens. of course she loved macro. so do i. the biggest smile stretched across my face. my parents have compared my love of photography to that of my grandma's. this was a sweet reminder from where my passion came.

i suppose i am a product of the digital age because i kept forgetting to pull the advance lever after each photo. manually focusing the lens was tricky at first, but i got the hang of it. that's what i love about film. it forces you to stop and think about your shots. i cannot look at the back of the camera to see the image. it's a beautiful process. i am anxious to get the photos back and see what they look like! 

"a new year is unfolding - like a blossom with petals curled tightly, concealing the beauty within."


SURRENDER  //  my word for this year is surrender. the end of 2014 was difficult. i felt like i was barely keeping my head above water at times. but God [i love that phrase!] He met me in my mess and pulled me out of the raging waters. surrender isn't just a word for one year. it's allowing God complete control of my entire life - from this moment until my final breath on this earth. my control tendencies have prevented me from living an abundant life. i want to actively look for Jesus in every area, in everyday moments, everywhere. a life lived in complete surrender. this will not be easy for my wandering heart. there will be times when i will fail. but GRACE.

TEMPLE  //  the Creator of the world knit me together. this body of mine - it's not just a pile of flesh and bones. it is a temple that houses my soul. treating it as such isn't confined to the numbers on a scale. i may be of slender frame, but that doesn't give license to fill my body with junk or skip exercising. i want to be more aware of what i am putting into my body. less processed foods & laziness, more nutrients & exercise. i have started reading cameron diaz's the body book. it has lots of information about nutrition, exercise, etc.

INFUSE MY LIFE WITH SCRIPTURE  //   i actually fair well when it comes to reading God's Word every day. but lately my approach has felt stagnant - almost like it's another box to check off my to-do list. i am adding podcasts and memorization to my daily routine because i crave more. i always joke that i want to quit my job, sell everything i own, and study scripture all day, errrday.

CHOOSE JOY  //  it's easy to be happy when life is going well. happiness is often measured by the state of present circumstances. but joy - in its complete form - comes only from the Lord. i don't want to be content with things that do not matter. i choose joy. i choose Jesus. joy is posturing my heart towards Jesus, even when life gets messy and hard and difficult. in the storms and crashing waves. in the sunshine and sunny days.


BLOG WELL  //  since the rebrand, i have made a conscious effort to write better posts. more importantly - posts that matter TO ME. i want my words to matter in some way. whether it's a silly recap, weekly musings, or a review of new makeup, i will stay true to myself. i want to bring glory to God in my stories. i want to be me. and that's enough!

COMMUNITY  //  though this blog is essentially about my life, my intention is for it to be a space for all of us to come and be open. to find a place where we gather and discuss Jesus, life, love, and all the in-betweens. one goal is to start a hashtag or monthly link-up. i'm not sure on the details, so stay tuned!


LEARN FILM  //  my grandma gracie left me two of her favorite things after she died: her bible and her camera. up until a year ago, the film camera was just sitting there. but i resolve to learn film photography this year. 

PUBLISH A PHOTO BOOK  //  this is a dream i have pushed into the back of my mind for months. photography is such a huge part of who i am and my passions. i am not sure what will come of it, but i serve a God who loves to show His goodness and faithfulness.


write more thank you notes. love on people. celebrate their accomplishments + differences. less social media, more intentional living. start a bible study group. take elevate student ministries to the next level. start a community hashtag on instagram for fellow wildflower lovers. read 10 books. create a better budget.

all photos shot with my iphone 6  +  edited with the VSCOcam app.

my word for 2015 is SURRENDER.

in 2015, i SURRENDER all of my life to Jesus. all of my heart and my mind. all my dreams and desires. the pains and heartaches, the mistakes and failures. all to Jesus i surrender. i give every piece of my life to Him.  

in 2015, i SURRENDER to His will over my plans. His love over my feelings. His grace over my disappointment. the truth of His Word over the lies of the world. His spirit over my flesh.

"if anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself & take up his cross daily & follow Me." - Jesus.

this is more than just a goal. i say that i love Jesus, that i follow Him - but half-hearted attempts and words fall flat. i want to live in complete surrender. i'm not truly living life abundantly if it's not rooted in Jesus. He took His cross and gave His life for me. even while i was a dirty, rotten sinner. each and every day, in the mundane, everyday, adventurous, + happy moments, i will take up my cross and follow the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  

surrendering myself to Jesus, to His will, means He will work through me - for His glory. for my good. i don't know what the year holds. i don't even have a clue where i will be a month from now. but i give it all to Him.

all to Jesus i surrender.