tidbits of life.

GILMORE GIRLS  //  i just started this series for the first time. now i know why everyone loves it! lorelai gilmore is me: extreme love of coffee, humorous wit, and clever comebacks. 

POWERSHEETS  //  in an effort to do something about the goals i have set for this year, i bought myself a set of lara casey's powersheets. i'm ready to make things happen this weekend! lately i have had so much motivation. it's probably in part to celebrating a new year with new plans and possibilities, and that makes me happy.

STELLER  //  i was searching the photo category of itunes one day when i stumbled upon an app called steller. i downloaded it and quickly understood why it was one of apple's best apps of 2014. you can create stories that showcase multiple photos, share with friends, and follow others. check out a few of my stories HERE.

NYX BUTTER GLOSS  //  i have been wearing NYX's butter gloss every single day for the past three weeks. it's thick and adds just enough color.

ALL THE FILES  //  my grandma wanted to get the file room cleaned before tax season started. it took us 14 hours to clean and organize! there are 58 boxes of old files to shred - yes, 58. i was exhausted by the end of the day. but i feel so accomplished!

ST. IVES  //  i am a big fan of st. ives products. their face washes were on sale at target last month, so i stocked up. the pink lemon & mandarin orange scrub is my absolute favorite! i use it every morning, and it has made a difference in my skin. i also like the oatmeal scrub + mask, apricot scrub, and green tea scrub.

READING  //  women of the word - jen wilkin.  i sound like a broken record, but i love this book. it has changed the way i view/study scripture.  kiss the wave - tara-leigh cobble.  i'm a big fan of tlc's books. she has this beautiful knack for telling stories about finding God in the everyday moments. and she's a fan of the dallas cowboys, so there's that.  the body book - cameron diaz.  good book about nutrition and all that jazz. 

FILM  //  as i mentioned before, i shot with film for the first time this week. i am hoping to get it developed this evening. i am so, so excited to see how they turned out! film is so different, but i love it already. and ps: don't look at my roots. [you just scrolled up and looked, didn't ya?]

COFFEE  //  a second cup of coffee is a great afternoon delight. 


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