H A P P E N I N G S -  

+  we watched top gun: maverick + jurassic world in theaters. 

+  i was a bridesmaid in my niece's wedding!

+  the blog got a fun makeover! (it looks best on a desktop, which no one does anymore, lol).

+  i worked from home a couple days due to a cold/virus.

+  we had a fun saturday adventure: a visit to field station: dinosaurs followed by lunch and then a walk around the old cowtown museum. we had a blast! (it was also suuuuper hot, but still fun.)


 L E S S O N S  +  R E A L I Z A T I O N S - 

+  there is something comforting + cozy about a rainy morning at work. (even in my cubicle).  

+   when i'm feeling off, i can usually pinpoint it down to a few reasons. this month, it was exercise (or lack thereof). 

+  if a popular (or even not popular) christian influencer/personality/whatever is churning out content about faith + God, but has no ties to a local church, unfollow them immediately. it's such a red flag. 

+  TMI PSA: if you’ve had a baby- regardless if it was via c-section- i need you to know you will still pee yourself if you jump on a trampoline.

+  sometimes it's okay to forgo normal bedtime for a late evening shopping trip to trader joe's.

+  sitting on the sidelines might feel safe, but jumping right in to community with fellow believers is better. 

+  each night, shortly after we tuck jackson in bed + turn the lights off + crawl into bed, there will be a pitter-patter of paws headed down the hallway to our bedroom, where the dogs come + sleep for the night. it is the cutest thing! 


1.  bunnies + fireflies. there are a couple bunnies who frequent our front yard each day. mostly in the early mornings + at dusk. they are so cute, and it's just a little thing that brings me joy. the fireflies also come out around the same time in the evenings, and it is magical.

2.  blogging.  after weeks of struggling, i finally found some inspiration this month! (i am also sending out a newsletter for june. there’s a link at the bottom to sign up! i always share a story, the books i read that month, and other random tidbits.) 

3.  season four (part one) of stranger things! sooo good.


i keep thinking about this moment
from the day jackson was born:

after some time in the recovery room
where i cried for so long
i thought i had no tears left to fall-

it was finally time to meet you

a couple nurses wheeled the bed around
just in time for me to catch a glimpse
of you coming toward me

as i was settled into the hospital bed
two nurses with big smiles
handed you to me like the gift you were

and i wept

and wept

and whispered prayers of thanks
to our Creator
for this gift

as i wiped my eyes
i caught the nurses quickly dabbing theirs eyes as well

it's still a vivid memory
even five years later


over the weekend, we visited the old cowtown museum. i have lived in wichita for over seven years, and it was my first time to visit this historic location. i loved it! my favorite part was the schoolhouse + seeing the books (of course).


we visited field station: dinosaurs in derby over the weekend.
it was so cool to see the life-sized replicas + learn about them,
even if i disagree with their math + calculations. :)

•  instead of a “glazed” donut, jackson calls it a “blazed” donut.
•  getting to work from home is great, mostly because i get random hugs from jackson throughout the day.
•  “sometimes “no” is His kindest answer.”
•  one thing i can count on each night: after jackson is tucked into bed + i crawl into bed, it never fails that i hear both dogs headed down the hallway to come sleep in our room. it’s so cute when i hear their little paws pattering to the bedroom. 
•  i developed laryngitis on monday. i was (trying) to talk to jared, and jackson said, "mommy- i like how your voice sounds when it is actually working." THAT KID, lolz.
•  every night, when the fireflies come out to play, so do the two bunnies that hang around our front yard. 
•  whispered prayers of praise in my cubicle after the best “breaking news” alert came across my computer screen. 
•  we braved the heat + humidity on saturday. it was a fun family day: we visited field station: dinosaurs in derby, ate a delicious lunch, + then walked around cow town


+  peep the new blog layout, y'all!

+  this post is being published a day late because i am battling a serious cold. i am praying it doesn't turn into a sinus infection. 

+  i used to be skeptical that a book was just overhyped if everyone was talking about it. now if everyone is recommending a book, i'm usually skeptical because it is probably dripping with woke ideologies + buzz words. 

+  i had to work from home on friday afternoon. it was lovely!

+  i finished "finlay donovan knocks 'em dead" on audio this week. 4 stars! [affiliate link]

+  i found the bezalel and the creative spirit of God youversion bible plan really interesting.


our church met for a night at the wichita sports forum.

i jumped on the trampolines 
and played sand volleyball.

as i woke up this morning, 
i was keenly reminded i am in my mid-thirties:
sore muscles in places i didn’t know i had.

but it was just what i needed.
i walked out the door with a full heart.

TMI PSA: if you’ve had a baby- regardless if it was via c-section- i need you to know you will still pee yourself if you jump on a trampoline. ask me how i know.]