what i want to remember from this week:

•  instead of a “glazed” donut, jackson calls it a “blazed” donut.
•  getting to work from home is great, mostly because i get random hugs from jackson throughout the day.
•  “sometimes “no” is His kindest answer.”
•  one thing i can count on each night: after jackson is tucked into bed + i crawl into bed, it never fails that i hear both dogs headed down the hallway to come sleep in our room. it’s so cute when i hear their little paws pattering to the bedroom. 
•  i developed laryngitis on monday. i was (trying) to talk to jared, and jackson said, "mommy- i like how your voice sounds when it is actually working." THAT KID, lolz.
•  every night, when the fireflies come out to play, so do the two bunnies that hang around our front yard. 
•  whispered prayers of praise in my cubicle after the best “breaking news” alert came across my computer screen. 
•  we braved the heat + humidity on saturday. it was a fun family day: we visited field station: dinosaurs in derby, ate a delicious lunch, + then walked around cow town


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