-  jared started his new inspection position with textron this month. this new position was great because he would be off the airplane (no more tearing up his body) and he would have a greater chance of being transferred back to first shift eventually. after a year of praying + waiting, jared got word that a first shift position will be available in april! this was all God, y'all. He was my comfort during the evenings when i was so incredibly lonely. He is faithful to provide!

-  the winter olympics.

-  jackson turned eight months old! he started crawling just a little bit + dances anytime music comes on, says DADADADA allllll the time, and started sleeping thru the night (in his crib, hallelujah).

-  books read:  little fires everywhere  |  dark matter  |  the shape of ideas


+  i was so worried about what our childcare situation would look like once jared transferred back to first shift. we have three different people watching him during the week. but it's only for four hours a day. i wasn't sure what childcare would look like with the shift change, but - again all God - it's all going to work out.

+  the first week jackson started sleeping thru the night, i didn't. haha! i would get up and go check on him to make sure he was okay.

+  we had lots of icy/snowy weather this month. this usually stresses me out, but i'm so thankful that our new house is a lot closer to work. there was only one morning that was really dicey, but all the schools and colleges cancelled, so there was hardly anyone on the roads. before i met jared, i never drove in ice + snow, so this was a big deal for me!

+  sometimes it's best to take a moment before reacting to national tragedies. i had a tweet thread ready to be posted in light of the recent school shooting, but after some thought, i realized my words were better left in the draft folder. instead, i had discussions with those around me. while i believe the internet is wonderful for dialogue, sometimes it's best to process certain things with those around you.

+  the newborn stage was so incredibly hard for me. there are lots of reasons. failed expectations. zero sleep. buying a home. trying to work part time. not knowing what i was doing. but as i reflected on that season earlier this month, i have this weird, tender fondness for it in my heart. i'm not in the thick of it anymore, but there was still good in it.

favorite podcasts.
-  notes from the weekend  //  five  |  six  |  seven  |  eight


+  file 2017 taxes.  

+  read two books.  

+  clean out jackson's clothes.  

+  go through my clothes one last time.  

+  daily gratitude.  

-  jackson has been sleeping thru the night, and i just feel like it's too good to be true.

-  jared + i both had to work on saturday, so our weekends feel incredibly short lately. but i'm reminding myself that it's just a season. when our weekends are like this, we tend to make the most of our time. we went on a double date, i started a new book, we took a couple naps, drank a lot of coffee, had some deep (and hilarious) discussions, played with jackson, went to church, ate lunch with friends, and just enjoyed our time without concern for the coming week. 

-  we paid off two bills with our tax return this weekend! one step closer to financial freedom. at this point, i'm not getting my hopes up to be a stay-at-home mom. we have so many options available to us if we get into a good financial spot. private school is actually a possibility now. of course, i realize that jackson is only eight months old, but as the saying goes, the days are long, but the years are short.


+  there's a new social media app. VERO. it's super glitchy right now because they've had an influx of new users, but once it gets resolved, i think it'll be interesting!

+  i started still life by louise penny this weekend. the writing is so cozy + enjoyable.

the best way to manage stress based on your personality type. (i'm an INFJ.)

-  jared + i both had to work on saturday, but thankfully we had a sitter, so it ended up working out well. i picked jackson up + spent the afternoon finishing a book + drinking coffee. we decided to have a night in, and it is always so nice to chill at home on a saturday night every once in awhile.

-  jared transferred to a new area two weeks ago. this position was great because it was less wear + tear on his body and it would set him up for a better chance of a first shift position one day. well after a year of praying + hoping + waiting, jared found out this week that there was a first shift position available! we are elated + God just keeps creating ways where i see no possibilities.

-  i hate grocery shopping. not the actual act (i weirdly enjoy it.) but i blank on ideas for lunches + dinners. i tried making a list, but i still didn't get everything for the week. i have a small goal to make a list of go-to recipes that i can make.

-  we finally have jackson on a good routine + sleep schedule. you'd think my favorite thing would be him sleeping thru the night (hey- that IS awesome!) but i lovelovelove rocking him to sleep. i usually hold him longer than i should, but i don't care. he is so sweet + it's usually the time i pray over him.


+  i want to shout michelle's words from the rooftop.
+  i finally reorganized my goodreads bookshelves.
this thread from beth moore is goooooood.

-  my family came up on saturday for a quick visit. they played with jackson + we ate dinner. it was so great to see them.

-  we spent a lot of the weekend hanging out in the game room + watching the olympics + drinking lots of coffee.

-  jackson has started scooting forward, which is basically crawling because he's eeeeverywhere now. he is full of personality + this stage is definitely my favorite so far.

-  jared + i have been contemplating going on a very tight budget to pay off some debt, which will eventually lead to me being able to work from home (and home school our children in the future) within the next few years. have any of you had success with this? what method did you use?


peanut butter cup energy bites.

DIY artwork with photographs.

in case you need a laugh today.

+  currently reading: little fires everywhere.


this is where my obsession with podcasts began. i started listening to jamie + knox last fall, and i have been binging all the past episodes ever since. i love them so much that i give the my monies each month. they satisfy my odd fascination with all things pop culture.

to give you context on my celebrity intrigue, i have to confess a deep, dark secret from my past: when i was in my early 20s, i had a subscription to almost every single weekly gossip magazine. [this was the golden era of b.spears shaving her head]. from the classy [people magazine] to the downright trashy [basically all the others] - i would get them in the mail every thursday and devour all the antics + craziness that was only half true. i'm not particularly proud of this, but it is what it is.

favorite episodes:  misunderstood songs and misheard lyrics  |  the nos of social media  |  listener workplace confessions  |  other starter episodes listed here  


i really enjoy tsh's podcast. she has four rotating co-hosts [erin + kendra are my favorites!]. she covers topics ranging from travel to home and other topics like world events and such. tsh also just started another podcast called women's work. it's such a delight! binge them all right this instant.

favorite episodesan entire year off the internet  |  cleaning  |  hygge  |  gilmore girls  |  reading for fun


a lazy genius is a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't. kendra is so lovely, y'all. i am always left feeling inspired after i listen to her podcast. she gives the best tips on topics ranging from home to kids to organizing and everything in between. and her tips are actually practical + often unique. this episode was so timely that it left me sobbing at my desk at work. i was having a rough day, and it was like a balm to my tender mama heart.

favorite episodesfictional lazy geniuses  |  the lazy genius makes a smoothie  |  the lazy genius shops at aldi  


i just started listening to this podcast a couple weeks ago, but it instantly became a favorite! i mean, it's about books, y'all. what's not to love?

favorite episodes (so far):  105  |  113  |  117  |  118


+  the dirty john podcast. [i've written about this here.]

the next right thing - emily p. freeman.

coffee + crumbs.

that sounds fun - annie f. downs.

what are your favorite podcasts? leave your suggestions in the comments.


-  my february powersheets prep.
-  my morning coffee.
- dark matter. i've struggled with getting into it, to be honest. eeeeeveryone loves this book, so i'm going to stick with it. (but only because i think i'm just about to get to the really good part.)


-  newsletters that arent' spammy. my favorites are from tsh (great articles + links) and anne bogel (for kindle book deals).      
-  i feel like a broken record by typing this, but alllll the podcasts. guys, i'm obsessed. i listen to them all day long at work. i am writing up a favorites post to share later this week!


-  essential oils. i reeeally want to buy a starter kit, but $160 is just too much right now.
this book + this book + this book.
this macrame from target.


planet earth 2.  jared randomly started this on netflix over the weekend, and i was mesmerized the entire series!
-  i finally got to watch the super bowl episode of this is us. i can't talk about it yet, because too many emotions.
-  parenthood.  


-  jackson saying DADA.
chocolate pea milk.
-  dinosaur socks.

linking up with anne of in residence

-  i caught a cold during the week, so this weekend i was in recovery mode. i went into work on saturday for a few hours. other than having dinner at a local mexican restaurant, that's about the gist of my weekend adventures.

-  tax season is officially here. i know most people want to crawl in a hole when they hear the dreaded T word, but i LOVE doing taxes + bookkeeping. sure there are long hours and some clients are never happy [even if they're getting a refund]. but i truly enjoy what i do.

-  i didn't watch the super bowl because we don't have cable. i have to wait until this is us comes on hulu so i can cry my eyes out. but jared + i started watching planet earth 2 on netflix and oh myyyy goodness. i cannot recommend this enough. so interesting! 


+  did you know that dolly parton has a book club that will send your child a free book once a month from birth to five years old? jackson received his first book recently and loved it. and by love, i mean he chewed on it because teething has turned him into a puppy-baby. check out the website!

has instagram come full circle? - a beautiful mess.

+  i finished this book over the weekend. the coolest part is that the author lives in wichita!

+  i need every mom to go read this post right now.