-  my february powersheets prep.
-  my morning coffee.
- dark matter. i've struggled with getting into it, to be honest. eeeeeveryone loves this book, so i'm going to stick with it. (but only because i think i'm just about to get to the really good part.)


-  newsletters that arent' spammy. my favorites are from tsh (great articles + links) and anne bogel (for kindle book deals).      
-  i feel like a broken record by typing this, but alllll the podcasts. guys, i'm obsessed. i listen to them all day long at work. i am writing up a favorites post to share later this week!


-  essential oils. i reeeally want to buy a starter kit, but $160 is just too much right now.
this book + this book + this book.
this macrame from target.


planet earth 2.  jared randomly started this on netflix over the weekend, and i was mesmerized the entire series!
-  i finally got to watch the super bowl episode of this is us. i can't talk about it yet, because too many emotions.
-  parenthood.  


-  jackson saying DADA.
chocolate pea milk.
-  dinosaur socks.

linking up with anne of in residence


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