nature explorations is a series about exploring nature. so philosophical, i know. nature is my love language. God's creation stirs the deep parts of my soul in ways i can't put into words, so i capture them with my camera. i feel closest to Him when i am marveling at His handmade beauty, and my prayer is that when others see my work, they will be inspired to seek Him in the humble places of their life as well.

cozy transformers sweatshirt. sunflowers adorning the highway. the anticipation of fall. fresh okra. 
 summer thunderstorms. country music. wildflowers. well-worn tees. vanilla iced coffee. grace.
 driving with the windows down and the warm breeze in my hair. strawberry lemonade italian ice.  
psalm 146. fro-yo dates with mama. clean linens. letters and drawings from kwagala.
sunday afternoon naps. kitty cuddles. ignite youth group. talking about Jesus with my parents.
nature adventures. red velvet cake. that fresh rain smell. a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.
idea from a girl named leney

on the eleventh day of the she reads truth: women of the bible (part one) plan, the devotion is centered in on leah. in all honesty, i didn't know much about her beforehand. i've read the bible from cover to cover, but she never stuck out to me like rahab or esther or mary. after reading though the appropriately-titled devotion, from unloved to beloved, leah went from unknown to my homegirl. out of all the women in the bible, i can relate with leah the most, especially in this season of my life. God opened my eyes, in a way only He can do, and showed me that His Word is alive and relevant, even in the midst of a society that tries to belittle, mock, and re-word scripture to justify their sin.

why i can relate to leah. (genesis 29:14 - 30:21)

she was overshadowed by rachel's beauty.  leah's sister was beautiful and caught the attention of jacob. in present day times, she'd probably be voted homecoming queen & best looking, and every guy would want to date her. and then there's leah. i've had many leah moments. like when a guy asked me to winter formal in high school, but decided to take someone else two days later... a prettier someone else. my fragile teenage heart was broken. we've all had moments when we felt like leah. we are women, after all. we have the uncanny ability to compare from the top of our head to the tips of our toes and everywhere in between to anyone with two x chromosomes.

she was unloved by her husband. i haven't been married, but i have loved someone who didn't love me back. that sting of rejection left a scar on my heart, but God's provision actually saved me further heartache from a guy who was all kinds of wrong.

her 'happily ever after' was shattered. leah's father tricked jacob into marrying her. then her husband rejects her because he's in love with her sister. despite the pain of rejection, she saw past the hurt and failed expectations and chose to praise the Lord. she turned her attention from an unloving husband to the loving Almighty. this is how i relate to leah the most. for years, i pictured the fairytale story for my life: graduate from college, get married, have kids, live a happy life. but here's the thing about those plans -- they weren't God's plans. looking back, i see how God used the good and the bad of situations and circumstances to shape and mold the woman i am today. could He have done that if i had a husband? probably. but He didn't. this is the path i am on. and just like leah, now i praise the Lord. sure, rachel had beauty and admiration from a man, but leah sought the Lord. i know from experience that one of those roads leads to heartache; the other to a Love so big that it consumes you and gives you life. leah, as well as myself, didn't get the storybook ending she'd hoped for, but she still praised the Lord. i, too, will praise His great name because He is so, so good. He is worthy to be praised.

on the plains of oklahoma
with a windshield sunset in your eyes like a watercolor painted sky 
you'd think heaven's doors have opened
you'll understand why God made those fly over states

from the time i was two weeks old, i never had to question what my family's sunday plans were. being raised in the church meant i knew the answers to sunday school questions, memorized john 3:16, and sang 'Jesus loves me'. when i was a young girl, i had a moment of misguided panic. i didn't want to go to h-e double hockey sticks, so i walked down the aisle and 'got saved'. my parents were happy and everyone kept hugging me. i was just ready to go eat pizza.

fast forward to 2004. after graduating high school, i wanted to do life on my own terms. God's way felt like having training wheels on a bike, and i wanted ride on my own. freedom from God seemed great. i could be like everyone else. no rules or perfection or little miss goody two-shoes. and then i crashed and burned. in fact - for the next several years, i fell... a lot. i searched for satisfaction in the form of boys, possessions, friends, status, parties. one fleeting avenue of happiness after another. nothing filled that void i felt deep down inside.

that's the thing about running from God though - He didn't leave me be nor did He force His love on me. He was just there. always. and i knew it. i was chasing every form of love i could find when True Love was right there, right beside me all along. after a few years, i started questioning everything - my actions, God, and my salvation. when i heard sermons, i wanted what they were talking about: forgiveness, change, and love. in late june of 2007, i walked the aisle of the church i grew up in and gave my life to Jesus.

the gospel has become real + personal. Jesus died a death that i deserved; He died in my place. not by any merit of my own, but because He loves me that muchHe took my hard heart, the deep hurts, the brokenness, and the hot mess i was + made beauty from the ashes. He rescued me from a life of temporary fills + pain + hurt. He is my Hope and my Salvation and my Redeemer.

i found that True Love i was so desperately seeking. not the cushy, fluffy love that tween girls say about their crush of the week. 

it's the kind of Love that overwhelms 
the kind of Love that holds me in my darkest, weakest moments 
the kind of Love that shines so bright in the midst this broken world 
the kind of Love that is wild + life-changing + overflowing 
the kind of Love that is forever + does not change, despite my flaws + shortcomings  

the Gospel of Jesus changed my life.
i love Him with every fiber of my being. i strive to live out my faith every day, walking in grace upon grace.  
on march 27, 2015, i married a handsome + hilarious kansas guy
 our love story is anything but typical. we met on a dating app, got engaged after a month and a half of dating, + eloped in vegas two weeks later. jared is my helpmate, my best friend, my fishing partner, my everything. 
i love him + will choose to love him every single day of our love adventure
i was born + raised in small town oklahoma, 
and moved to wichita, kansas the day before jared + i eloped. 
i love exploring its places + spaces. most of the coffee shops know us by name. 
on june 29, 2017, jackson timothy keimig was born.  
i love him so much it hurts. motherhood has been the most humbling/beautiful/hard/messy/wonderful journey. 

photography is one of my passions in life
i love exploring new places with a camera in hand. i shoot with a DSLR & film, but my favorite is my iphone. i have a series on the blog called iphoneography. cell phones sure have come a long way since flip phones.  
other interests: 
reading, blogging, coffee, fishing, instax photos, trying new things, bible study, wildflowers, good conversation, witty banter, penguins + dinosaurs, game nights with friends, + convincing others that the 90s will always be the best decade.

this space is where i share my heart - the good, the bad, and the in between. the Gospel changed my life, and now i want to spread the Good News to others! it's not a feel-good kind of faith. it's not about religion. it's about Jesus. from the first word to the last, the bible points to a Savior. i want my life - my story - to always point to the One who saved my soul.

thank you so much for stopping by this space of mine. grab a cup of coffee + stay awhile. browse the blog. follow me on any of the sites listed below or send me an email

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