film photography.

one of my goals for this year is to learn film photography. after my grandma gracie went to be with Jesus, my daddy gave me two of her most prized possessions: her bible + her camera. i remember she was never, ever without that camera. [or her bible now that i think of it.]

earlier this week, i put a roll of film in that camera and set out to capture God's beautiful nature on film for the first time. the first several shots will no doubt come back blurry because i finally realized why none of the photos would focus: it was a manual macro lens. of course she loved macro. so do i. the biggest smile stretched across my face. my parents have compared my love of photography to that of my grandma's. this was a sweet reminder from where my passion came.

i suppose i am a product of the digital age because i kept forgetting to pull the advance lever after each photo. manually focusing the lens was tricky at first, but i got the hang of it. that's what i love about film. it forces you to stop and think about your shots. i cannot look at the back of the camera to see the image. it's a beautiful process. i am anxious to get the photos back and see what they look like! 


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