2015 goals.

"a new year is unfolding - like a blossom with petals curled tightly, concealing the beauty within."


SURRENDER  //  my word for this year is surrender. the end of 2014 was difficult. i felt like i was barely keeping my head above water at times. but God [i love that phrase!] He met me in my mess and pulled me out of the raging waters. surrender isn't just a word for one year. it's allowing God complete control of my entire life - from this moment until my final breath on this earth. my control tendencies have prevented me from living an abundant life. i want to actively look for Jesus in every area, in everyday moments, everywhere. a life lived in complete surrender. this will not be easy for my wandering heart. there will be times when i will fail. but GRACE.

TEMPLE  //  the Creator of the world knit me together. this body of mine - it's not just a pile of flesh and bones. it is a temple that houses my soul. treating it as such isn't confined to the numbers on a scale. i may be of slender frame, but that doesn't give license to fill my body with junk or skip exercising. i want to be more aware of what i am putting into my body. less processed foods & laziness, more nutrients & exercise. i have started reading cameron diaz's the body book. it has lots of information about nutrition, exercise, etc.

INFUSE MY LIFE WITH SCRIPTURE  //   i actually fair well when it comes to reading God's Word every day. but lately my approach has felt stagnant - almost like it's another box to check off my to-do list. i am adding podcasts and memorization to my daily routine because i crave more. i always joke that i want to quit my job, sell everything i own, and study scripture all day, errrday.

CHOOSE JOY  //  it's easy to be happy when life is going well. happiness is often measured by the state of present circumstances. but joy - in its complete form - comes only from the Lord. i don't want to be content with things that do not matter. i choose joy. i choose Jesus. joy is posturing my heart towards Jesus, even when life gets messy and hard and difficult. in the storms and crashing waves. in the sunshine and sunny days.


BLOG WELL  //  since the rebrand, i have made a conscious effort to write better posts. more importantly - posts that matter TO ME. i want my words to matter in some way. whether it's a silly recap, weekly musings, or a review of new makeup, i will stay true to myself. i want to bring glory to God in my stories. i want to be me. and that's enough!

COMMUNITY  //  though this blog is essentially about my life, my intention is for it to be a space for all of us to come and be open. to find a place where we gather and discuss Jesus, life, love, and all the in-betweens. one goal is to start a hashtag or monthly link-up. i'm not sure on the details, so stay tuned!


LEARN FILM  //  my grandma gracie left me two of her favorite things after she died: her bible and her camera. up until a year ago, the film camera was just sitting there. but i resolve to learn film photography this year. 

PUBLISH A PHOTO BOOK  //  this is a dream i have pushed into the back of my mind for months. photography is such a huge part of who i am and my passions. i am not sure what will come of it, but i serve a God who loves to show His goodness and faithfulness.


write more thank you notes. love on people. celebrate their accomplishments + differences. less social media, more intentional living. start a bible study group. take elevate student ministries to the next level. start a community hashtag on instagram for fellow wildflower lovers. read 10 books. create a better budget.


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