everyday moments: star gazing.

the other night, i hopped out of my truck and was stopped in my tracks. the night sky was filled with millions of stars, beckoning to be admired. i gazed upon the beautiful Hand-crafted galaxy and whispered, "wow." our Creator is amazing. i was reminded of psalm nineteen, verse one: "the heavens declare Your glory. the skies proclaim the work of Your hands." and then, as only He can do, a shooting star leaped across the star-filled sky, as if God whispered back, "I see you. I am with you."

everyday moments is a new series based on all the the big + little ways God shows up in my life. short stories documenting how God reveals Himself in the everyday moments. He is not limited to where He meets me. i'm learning more and more that these moments are purposeful + beautiful. i tell the story, He gets the glory.


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