life lately.

nothing. nada. zilch.

that is what comes out of my brain when i sit down to blog as of late. i have great ideas, but composing cohesive sentences has proven to be difficult. it's so frustrating, too. this blog is my heart + expression + creative avenue. i could just throw a blog post together and call it good. but i want my words to mean something. i want to preserve these memories + moments. i want to point others to Christ. i want to make art, even if no one sees it.

saturdays are what i have deemed my "creative days". i wake up, make coffee, and study scripture for awhile. then i make another cup of coffee and watch a few episodes of gilmore girls. i've started this habit of writing down all my thoughts + to-dos + happenings + ideas + prayers in a notebook throughout the day. i call it a "brain purge". this is great because it gets everything out of my head and onto paper. it's mildly therapeutic.

ok cupid

i have to admit something to y'all. i started online dating last weekend. it's crazy + weird + fun. how it works: make a profile and answer question. you're then 'matched' with others by percentage. you can view and message other guys. i do not respond to most messages; only guys with a 95% match or higher. i never message a guy first. [i'm old-fashioned, what can i say?] there are a few guys with similar interests/morals/beliefs. of course, they are all spread out over the country, but for now - i'm just rollin' with it. i said i would never, ever try online dating, but my best friend convinced me that it's not just dudes looking to murder me and wear my skin.

in every season

my singleness has always felt like the plague. but it doesn't have to be! i had a moment of feeling sorry for myself yesterday, deciding that all the godly guys were taken, and i'd be alone forever. but once i stopped feeling sorry for myself, i prayed + prayed + prayed. desert song came on and i sang these words over and over: all of my life, in every season, You are still God. i have a reason to sing; i have a reason to worship.


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